Altogether, there are twelve various release dates and adaptations of the Hot Wheels Poison Pinto.

The very first ones produced were done in Hong Kong. If you left it in the packaging.

Hot Wheels then made around 200 Beach Bombs (designed by Ira Gilford) which featured the surfboards on the side instead. Larry designed the original VW beetle for Hot Wheels back in 1989. If someone was able to get their hands on the actual blister pack, well — let’s just say it so rare it doesn’t even have a value attached to it. 1929 Ford Model A Street Rod Hot Rod street Rod, 1932 Ford Hot Rod / Street Rod - SHOW CAR QUALITY - SUPERCHARGED 355 ENGINE -, 1933 Ford Roadster 33 Ford Roadster Convertible Street Rod, 1983 Chevrolet C-10 ♠️ C-10 Shortbed Hot Rod Squarebody, 1960 Ford F-100 Air Ride Patina Rat Rod Hot Rod Traditional Rod Ford Pickup, 1969 Volkswagen Squareback Delivery Beautiful Custom Hotrod All Steel Body.

On rare models, you can find the Show-Off name partially bleeding through the deletion plate. Another case he cited was the dry-lakes racing roadster constructed by Ray Brown, one of the first rodders to successfully use Chrysler Hemi power, before Brown became a key speed-equipment industrialist. Depending on the year, designer, prototypes that snuck out of the factory, or simply based on iconic cars — the most valuable Hot Wheels cars are not necessarily what you would expect. The 1967 Corvette Pro Street was only seen 4 times before it was discontinued.

Only a few White Enamel Custom Camaro’s were released.

They were given the name Cheetah Python. | "All Steel" Engine | 383 Stroker | 46... More Info › The Cheetah Python is worth a minimum of $10,000. In the case of a hot rod, things are different. The San Diego Comic-Con version is the one which is hardest to find.

From dropping them down homemade ramps off three-story windows to having them explode (don’t ask), not one remains in my possession today. The event marked the release of the new magazine Hot Rod Magazine, the brainchild of American publisher Robert Petersen . The other two were released in the Hot Rod Magazine Pro Mods 2-Car Sets, and 100% Hot Wheels.

These models are similar to the standard release except most come with weird looking Blackwall wheels, and the paint looks different. Ghostbusters the movie premiered in 1984, but the Hot Wheels cars didn’t end up on the production line until 2010. But the normal Custom AMX isn’t where the money’s at. 's iconic scanner bar.

There are three different models that are normally sought after.

Something went wrong. The original Red Baron featured capped redline wheels, spectraflame red paint, and a pointed spike on the helmet. It has a steel body on a build that started way back in the ‘70s. Three of those later versions are offered in spectraflame red, green, and even pink.

Those who were smart, however, kept their collection pieces separate from the 99 cent cars that are still worth only a few bucks today. But honestly, we want it more for nostalgia purposes. Prices of these Batmobiles range from a few bucks too well over a hundred depending on the model and condition. That’s what we tried to do at the recent Madison Classics ( in Elkhorn, Wis. One of those versions is the Elwoody Custom Cars 2-Car Set. But GM Executive Bill Thomas already had a Cheetah name attached to his Cobra Killer model. The easily recognizable and iconic Mystery Machine (owned by Fred) was the main source of transportation for the Mystery Inc. crew. The version released in 1970 by Hot Wheels is one of the most popular and memorable cars ever. They were painted in Plum crazy enamel with flame tampos. Over decades, there have been dozens upon dozens of VW beetles produced by Hot Wheels. It's no secret within the Hot Wheels community that early redline cars have a mysterious history. The first Back to the Future based DeLorean from Hot Wheels was released in 2011.

It may depend on whether the A/C system came from a junkyard car or a high-end supplier like Vintage Air.

The Pink Beach Bomb failed to make it through the sets, which led to other models. Typically, a factory would paint the prototype white or black to check for problems. It has a vintage steering wheel and vintage gauges. Various versions are worth more than others, ranging from $5 to several hundred. Starting at a price of around $70.00, the Design Custom '38 Ford C.O.E. Perhaps one day, it might even increase its worth? Hot Wheels cars rarely break the $100,000 mark, but the Diamond Encrusted Car is not an everyday toy vehicle. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Rumored to have been a UK exclusive, these seven rare Hot Wheels will sell for around $8,000. There are any number of price guides and value guides published for collector cars, yet finding hot rod values is very difficult to do. Vehicles inspected, guaranteed and delivered in Paris or in front of you. Its most well-known for its signature skull and crossbones featured on the side. The Custom AMX was made only in the United States, featuring a white interior.

The shaded purple designs combined with the redline wheels makes this Hot Wheels Beetle worth investing in.

It seems that the seller bought a house and decided to park his hot rod project for a while. $39,000. AUSTIN, TX/USA - April 17, 2015: A hot rod at the Lonestar Round Up, a celebration of 1963-and-earlier American hot …

Officially known among Hot Wheels heads as the Hot Wheels Collector Number 271 with a blue card, there are only 12 of these in exitance.

Dean Jeffries was the designer for Hot Wheels. The Hot Wheels Mutt Mobile was designed by Larry Wood, debuting in 1971. Based on the 1969 Ford Maverick, the Hot Wheels Mighty Maverick was introduced in 1970. No two ’32 Ford hot rods or ’55 Chevy hot rods are the same. Certain versions of the 1970 Red Baron have been found with a white interior instead of black. The underside of the Hot Wheels car is painted with spectraflame blue paint and the brake lights are made from cut red rubies.

Specifically, Snoopy’s imaginary battles with the Red Baron. Hot rod car show.

The die-cast vehicles were originally made to represent real-life versions, scaled to fit in the palm of your hand (and sometimes slightly larger). Starting at a price tag of around $140,000, the Diamond Encrusted Car has an 18-karat white gold frame, along with 2,700 various blue, black, and white diamonds. Some early 1973 releases can be found with a Demon base, however, this doesn’t affect its overall value. In the no sunroof versions there are no side windows featured, and the interior was different. The Hot Wheels Larry Wood World Tour Purple VW Bug Beetle Limited is not a Hot Wheels car you want to take out of the package.

For instance, according to the, One way is to find a comparable hot rod for sale at a car show and use the asking price (or actual selling price) as your guide. Glass on the Olds 442 varies from clear, to having a slight light blue tint, and it was initially packaged with a decal sheet of white stripes with stars. For instance, according to the 2017 Collector Car Price Guide by F+W Publications, factory air conditioning will add $4,500 to a 1963 Corvette’s value.

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