H1-B job postings are fake in order to maintain the Indian Tek caravan by ignoring The petition application fees literally cost them nothing to file considering they pocket more than half of the pay. It seems that most of the American tech workers who express their opinions here know the truth and agree on what it is. The program allowed entry for too many people who weren't vital to the U.S. economy, he argued. In spite of the allegation of so called fake certificate, fake resume poor language skills etc the reality is many of these H1 guys end up doing a decent job -. Armed with a green card, we can even setup companies and hire locals. The people come here with H1B visa use fake experience and degrees when they apply and these companies know it very well. They call their other qualified Indian friends and they help them complete the work so they can keep their jobs. Exactly correct on that Russ – I’m no fan of Michelle Malkin but she was on CSPANWJ years ago talking about a book she wrote with John Miana (Sold Out) about a corrupt bipartisan DC are screwing us over – I have a Computer Science degree and was forced to train my H1B replacements – computer world also wrote an article. That is BS. “It is true that it feels like we are in a different (foreign) country now” I came here to do master, completed it with a good GPA and with courses I loved and took the job that I wanted. But it breaks my heart to see so many Americans born and raised and educated having so many problems landing a good jobs. Quite whining about Indians doing to you what your forefathers did to the native Americans – ‘cept Indians are doing it peacefully, legally and without hurting or killing anyone.

(Santa Clara is another city that pops up on the list, albeit in tenth place. "I'm outraged," Morrison tells Whitaker on the broadcast, excerpted in the clip above. When we were looking to offer a small salary, we ended up with no-goods, but when we bumped up the salary (thus, making the interview more rigorous) we ended up with highly qualified candidates that amazed us. section. I was so surprised that they didn’t have normal hours like us. This would weed out 90% of the fakes. US Senators ask Google to hire 120,000 H-1Bs and OPTs from India and China, while most US Banks openly outsource all Middle Class Jobs to India!!! Bank Of America N.A. I have interviewed with 3 of the top 5 companies, and it is impossible to get hired by them directly without being skilled (they usually have 4-5 coding interviews where the problem statements are not generic). You act as though they do long hours and weekends because of a good work ethic. I would be lucky to find 5% of my candidates from this catagory. If you’re wondering why a seemingly random place like College Station ranks highest, it’s not all that surprising: it has long reigned as the top city for H-1B, which likely has a lot to do with multinational tech company Cognizant having offices there. That is *exactly* what America looked like to your ancestors – they didn’t give a shit about the cultural history and values of the native Americans. They have hidden barter system in place. I can NEVER be replaced by an Indian or a Chinese or a Pakistani. When you think of the H-1B visa, chances are good you’re also thinking of Silicon Valley as the place with the densest concentration of H-1B workers in the United States. They hire these employees at 60-70k salaries but their clients are paying them 125-150k. Field tuff planter Mpd server android. | English; limit my search to r/h1b. I have no problems with foreigners prospering but please take it to your own country. To pay for weapons purchased from USA require lot of H1 visa for India. – I’ve been apologized to twice, by HRs who were well aware I more than competent enough, but apparently not meeting the MustBeAsian requirement. And this is an IT job. Once hired gets promotion, after they are in management they prefer their own ethnic community team, I have noticed across various companies a Telugu will prefer Telugu to hire, Tamil prefers only Tamil basically they are creating a monopoly dominating staffing and hiring agencies which is not good for local US graduates and for local born candidates. How is this possible? He is an american.

Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc.All rights reserved. All you do is sit here and cry about how your life sucks while I’m taking your jobs and Armando the pool boy is banging your wife, your daughter is dating Shaka from South Africa with the big man dingo and you son now uses pronouns. First generation of immigrants generally speak their native language when talk among themselves but future generations speak english.

I want to do a point by point rebuttal on the issues you raised. H-1B visa creator says the program has been "hijacked" to take American jobs. Due to the green card delays, we can’t call the shots in terms of where we want to work. impact the salary. Then IBM lays off the people over 40 with the good experience. I work with overseas Indian companies all the time, and in all honestly their work is usually subpar at best. Fake it. Globalism will work if all countries have same political and economic laws and the competition between people in that instance will be fair.

I want to tell you that since last eleven years a boy/girl of indian origin has been wining the english spelling bee in america. If you said buy excellence, hire excellence, you wouldnt have sounded biased. Once SOWs/contracts are signed, client companies are usually on hook and can’t easily switch vendors, they start asking $$$ for every little thing.

It’s quite a dramatic demographic shift, and quite strange really. These recruiting/consulting companies pays dimes on dollar to H1 employees and pocket big profits. Want to see the real deal? Who do you think did that work, and on those terms, before you showed up?

So when companies say they can’t find enough qualified candidates locally, either they lie (Like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and 100% true for TCS, Cognizant etc.) By the way, do all americans work in army? OR, give them NO ACCESS to the American Financial Markets AT ALL!!!

You talked about english language. My close friends all lie on their resumes and take pride in it. Increase that rate, and decrease the motivation to be assimilated, and you have a flood of foreigners and a culturally fractured America. "And prevent the kind of abuse of the temporary visa system that existed before.".

Pay off someone at the university and verify for you. “Google Inc. has filed 120,000 + 16,842 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 5825 labor certifications for green card for fiscal year 2019?” GOOGLE (1,501) <— Wouldn't you want to do something about it? Indians who apply for the jobs don’t need to have the jobs skills to do the jobs because they’ll be coached along by other Indians or a few key Americans. Number of one star reviews on Glassdoor.com. Being born and brought up in US, I completely oppose H1-B, agree with most of the writers here Indians most of them lie in their resume to survive in India they have to be street smart. "The intent was clamp down on abuse and open the doors to truly exceptional people through a system when they become Americans," Morrison tells 60 Minutes.

I have to assume that many anti H1 posts here are from folks who were never in HR. Mr Moron you dumb Trump wife came on H1 Visa .. so start kicking her out. My Indian friends say that most of these types lie like crazy on their resumes. Santa Clara is home to Intel and has contributed far more to the silicon part of Silicon Valley than Mountain View has. The early days of H-1B abuse 13:55. And they have played straight into 1%ers greedy hands who want to depress American wages and keep most of the profits to themselves and their shareholder friends. For every H1-B application the hiring company has to pay a $1500.00 fee to provide training programs to US workers. 3.For many years Americans have not be going to colleges to major in Computer Science. .. and who are these H1B lovers that have big companies here in our country, India!!! I am in HR with about 20 + years of experience. In response, Morrison helped write the Immigration Act of 1990, which created the H-1B program. Companies in other states and cities leverage (and possibly abuse) the visa much more. Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to show that Santa Clara is, in fact, in Silicon Valley.

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