Dessins et Scénario par Young Jijii. It also appears as a playable character in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle in both forms. Gohan chooses to stay, since Videl is shocked they don't want to watch Trunks fight Mr. Satan. In Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon, Gohan was able to overpower Hirudegarn when he battled against his bottom half, hurting it with his attacks and eventually knocking it down with a powerful energy blast. Just before Semi-Perfect Cell can kill Tien, Goku uses Instant Transmission to appear on the battle field. Chi-chi just glared up at her son allowing what he said to sink in. It is possible, however, that these are reading glasses of some kind, as opposed to general corrective glasses. "Incredible. As Saonel pulls himself through Gohan's attack Gohan simply smiles at him as Saonel is pierced clean through his chest by Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon and goes on through Pirina allowing Gohan to blast them out of the arena, eliminating Universe 6. Surprisingly, Gohan even cracks out a psychotic grin at Goku while Cell is regenerating while Goku continues telling him to finish Cell. The Grand Priest moves in to inspect the damage and says that since both fighters are unconscious the fight is a draw much to everyone's disappointment, saying that a great fight shouldn't end like that.

Enter Super Vegeta! Main articles: Great Saiyaman Suit and Great Saiyaman Watch. Goku takes on the rest of them, but has his body switched by Captain Ginyu. Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo watch in horror as Vegeta gets brutally beaten by Frieza until Goku arrives. — Vegeta when seeing Gohan pummeling Frieza in "Frieza Bares His Fangs! Gohan uses his Unlock Potential enhancement. Piccolo reveals that the attacker is looking for their body heat, explaining why the attacker was capable of shooting them even in the dust. Meanwhile, Gohan takes VIdel to the infirmary, where Mr. Satan arrives shortly thereafter to check on her. Now in his new anger-fueled state, Gohan says to Perfect Cell stating that he will never forget what he has done. In the years to come, he continued to train on-and-off while having a career and being a family man.

After the battle with Cell, Gohan gives up martial arts to focus on his studies and only resumed his training at the behest of his little brother Goten. This state of Gohan makes its debut for the first time as a playable character in Dragon Ball Heroes, in both its base and Super Saiyan forms. Despite the young Saiyan's superior power, he struggles against his opponent due to his professional use of instant transmission until Frieza steps in. Cocoa blackmails Barry, telling him that if he reveals that Gohan is the Great Saiyaman, she will reveal to the public that Barry was the monster who attacked the city.
During their first fight against Frieza, Vegeta notes that Gohan's potential is greater than what he knows himself. However, thanks to Piccolo, Gohan works on overcoming this flaw of his, to not let his own superior power blind him on the battlefield ever again. Main article: Ginyuman Goku tells Gohan that transforming into a Super Saiyan takes a great deal of energy, but they need all the Super Saiyan energy they can get. Gohan takes to serving Bulma a drink while she complains about his father not being in attendance to the party.

On the night after Tapion is released, Hirudegarn's lower half starts to wreck West City. Gohan asks for a fight with his father, which shocks all but Goku himself, who was immediately impressed by his son's power due to sensing it the moment he walked in. Gohan later watches the battle between Goku and Frieza and later Vegeta. Goku and Gohan leave the Lookout, (after Goku and Gohan show Korin and Yajirobe their new power) and arrive at the Kame House to pick up Chi-Chi so they can go home. However, Gohan then senses that his father is still alive and powers up. Gohan fires a series of Kamehameha waves in an attempt to destroy Majin Buu's cocoon. Gohan's hair has been cut short and has three thick fringes on his head. When Beerus reprimands Frieza for getting to close to the edge of the ring, call out to Frieza, Gohan leaves 17 to hold off Top so that he may save Frieza. After freeing Old Kai from the Z Sword, Gohan has his potential unlocked further by the Old Kai, vastly surpassing his previous limits without transforming. After finishing practising, Cocoa kisses Gohan who then nervously flies off quickly, but not before Barry gets several photos of them. After Broly's defeat, Goku and Gohan returned to their house via instant transmission, only to encounter Chi-Chi (who was angry at Gohan and especially Goku for missing out on the Parent Teacher Conference), as well as attempting to help his mom after the latter fainted in exasperation. "Mother I made a promise to dad that now he is gone I will be the one to protect the Earth and how am I suppose to do that when I can't train to get stronger. When Gohan reveals that the top 5 places win prize money, Android 18 quickly badgers Krillin into entering. Gohan says this reminds him of an old story on Earth, but decides to give it a try. Just then, Goku lands, with Fortuneteller Baba beside him. While Frieza taunts and threatens to also kill Videl and Pan, Gohan vows to stop him at all costs, causing him to power up to his fullest.

Gohan and Piccolo decide to take command because Goku and Vegeta are not likely to rely on teamwork. Krillin starts to get worried, as Gohan realizes the smaller one must be the wizard Babidi. Gohan trains with Piccolo in preparation for the Saiyan attack. Ultimately, a timely distraction from Goku and Vegeta let Potential Unleashed Gohan launch a Kamehameha to overwhelm Koichiarator while also catching Paparoni in the blast. "My father was the galaxy's greatest fighter, and he was doing it long before you were even born. Outside, Barry is enraged when Watagash infects him.

At that moment, Mr. Popo interrupts and brings the group to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, where Future Trunks and Vegeta emerge stronger than ever. While wearing his blue gi, his obi, wrist bands and shin guards are red but in Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming, the shin guards are reverted to white. Gohan's feelings for her where so strong that during the Fusion Saga he angrily opposed his father suggestion of using her to bribe the perverted Old Kai to unlock his potential. Gohan had now decided that he would start his training tomorrow and go home and chill off for another day but the only problem was he was having trouble finding his bearings so doing the only thing he could think of he locked on to his mothers ki. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. He mainly battles a revived General Rilldo, saving Pan and Mr. Satan from him. After Frieza eliminates Frost, Gohan snaps right back up to his feet. Goku impressed by Gohan and says not bad. Mr. Satan will participate automatically, since he is the reigning champion, but they'll now pick the remaining fifteen using a Punch Machine. As Gohan continues training, Shin comments that he has gained more control over the Z Sword in such as small amount of time. While retaining all his original memories and individuality, he sees himself no longer as part human or Saiyan, but rather proudly considers himself a Tuffle. So I guess the only thing you have to worry about is if I'm stronger than you." Hearing this, Gohan realizes that there is no way that he can save the Earth and blames himself for not finishing Cell off sooner. Gohan, however, eventually hit Broly hard enough to temporarily stun him and lured the Saiyan into the magma pit in the hopes of beating him.

Despite this ability giving Gohan constant access to his most developed capacities, he still requires regular training to properly access this state and thus becomes weaker over time with lack of training like any other. He and Rilldo have an evenly matched fight before Rilldo unexpectedly uses his Metal Breath to turn Gohan's right arm and left leg into metal. Piccolo says that he dropped his guard again and tells Gohan that he gets that from his father and tells Gohan not to be like his dad and to not stop until the fight is over. As he does so Goku and Vegeta come in and knock him away. Later, Gohan's training under Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber let him attain Super Saiyan form, master its power perfectly, and match his father's might. Goku and Gohan sense Tien's energy decreasing and he finally collapses from exhaustion. Kibito panics and says there's no way a mortal could ever use that legendary blade, because no one, not even the previous Supreme Kais have been able to wield it. Dabura then magically creates a sword and attempts to cut`Gohan, but the half-Saiyan quickly catches it, and snaps the blade in half.
Dabura notices Vegeta's frustration and stops the fight with Gohan to report his findings to Babidi. His hair is also smoother and much flatter. Videl then asks who trained Gohan. During special conversation between Gohan, Goku, and Piccolo, he worries he might be burden causing Goku to suggest they use Fusion Dance though Piccolo reminds them they'd both need to practice first causing Gohan to admit he was disappointed as he wanted to try the cool Fusion Dance poses to Piccolo's shock who notes to himself that Gohan is definitely Goku's son if he thinks Fusion Dance is cool.

The Earth Explodes?! Gohan only transforms into this state three times throughout the series as ultimately, his tail was permanently removed. Krillin fires the Spirit Bomb, but misses. However, not wanting to fight in the city in fear of causing more damage after Gero had already destroyed half of the city, they fly to a wasteland so they can fight. All of them set out to investigate, seeing that the Namekians have been taken prisoner.

Krillin wants the drawing to hurry up and start. In response Gohan took on his Super Saiyan 4 form and headed back to fight the super android. He eventually settles down with a family at the end of Dragon Ball Z, opting for the life of a scholar instead. Goku agrees, thinking Dabura is probably about as strong as Cell was seven years ago. Goku attempts to block it but can't and is overwhelmed by the blast. Gohan remembers that Kibito should have been killed by Dabura, and asks if he revived himself.

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