After the group broke up in 1988, she approached Sergio Andrade for the production of her first solo album, ¿Qué Hago Aquí? "But approximately two months later, I felt myself trapped in a weird relationship with Andrade."

Trevi starred in the film of the same name in 1993. Psiquiatra". [8] The latter was used as the theme song for the telenovela Teresa. She was acting.

Fire officials, who found stacks of Gloria Trevi calendars, say the blaze was set deliberately. Karina passed, and two weeks later, Andrade sent two young women to Chihuahua to seal the deal. "I had to do all this, Andrade explained to me, if I wanted to be as successful as Gloria, or even more successful," Carrasco now explains. The mystery deepened on the afternoon of June 19, with a fire in a two-story house in McAllen that Andrade has owned since late 1995. [15], This article is about the singer. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Trevi is the eldest child of her parents and has nine brothers and sisters. Mexican prosecutors allege that Andrade--with help from Trevi and a blind eye from the Mexican entertainment industry--had persuaded numerous parents to turn over their daughters, gained pyschological control over them and forced them to have sex with him. In March Karina's parents filed their criminal complaint against Trevi and Andrade.

Her debut movie, "Pelo Suelto" ("Loose Hair"), in 1991, became Mexico's biggest money earner to date. Police recorded her testimony, but the statute of limitations for the California allegation has expired. She later joined Boquitas Pintadas--Painted Mouths--an all-girl band managed by Andrade. Was finally extradited to Mexico on December 21, 2002 after Brazilian authorities declined her petition for political asylum. The concept album included covers of popular Latin American love ballads, including previous songs from Trevi's catalog as well as original work.

Wanted by authorities for child prostitution, child slavery, and child abuse, both Trevi and Andrade were fugitives from the law for about two years before being arrested by Brazilian authorities in Rio de Janiero in April 2000. Trevi was his biggest success. Two women filed criminal complaints in Mexico City alleging that they were victims; Karina's parents followed with a similar complaint in Chihuahua in March. Trevi appeared from a back room and Gonzalez agreed to talk with her alone. ", In the entertainment business, there has long been suspicion about Andrade. Why were there always three or four girls waiting in the car for him when he went to meetings? "We are not a wealthy family," says her father, Miguel Yapor. 29 on Castilla Leon street, remember young girls coming and going in vans and cars, rarely mixing with the locals.

Nobody ever returned for him, and he was transferred to an orphanage. Patty Chapoy, a TVAzteca program host who has known Andrade for many years, said that she once asked him flat out: "Is it true that you live with a harem of all these girls?" But dance and modeling lessons, Carrasco recalls, soon gave way to cleaning bathrooms and weeding the yards.

|  He smiled nervously, she says, and answered: "The things they say about me.". [12], In 2000, Trevi, Andrade, and backup singer Maria Raquenel Portillo were arrested in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on charges of corrupting minors. She told NEWSWEEK: "I don't know how he does it, but he makes you admire him. Not long ago, when Gloria Trevi … The following day Brazilian authorities turned down her appeal on keeping the identity of the child's father a secret when they declared that they could store the placenta from her child's birth for future DNA testing. Five days later Trevi and another girl joined the family in Chihuahua and took the Yapors out to dinner.

"He made me feel guilty if I didn't obey him," Carrasco said.

Karina and her mother flew to the capital. It still didn't seem so unreasonable: Karina's letters, filled with details about her music classes at a school in Madrid, had assured them she was happy and working hard. "Before an interview she is very shy and then suddenly she changes. [2] Trevi was often dubbed as the Madonna of Mexico.

At least 100 girls auditioned for him and had some type of relationship with him." On March 13, 1996, Trevi announced that she would retire to care for Andrade during his cancer battle. At the Mexican government's request, U.S. marshals discovered that in April the pair had been in Mission, Texas, near McAllen; several of Trevi's relatives live in that area. She remembers 17 girls in all. That is how Guadalupe Carrasco remembers it. She arrived from Spain, her father recalls, where she had been living for a few months with Andrade, Trevi and several other girls. Carrasco modeled for him in her underwear.

In 1994, she released two singles, "El Recuento De Los Daños" and "La Papa Sin Catsup", from her fourth studio album Más Turbada Que Nunca (More Turbulent than Ever). Her third album, Me Siento Tan Sola (I Feel So Lonely), was released in 1992 garnering another hit, "Zapatos Viejos". In 1985, Trevi became a member of a short-lived girl group named Boquitas Pintadas. [citation needed] On June 12, 2019, while in St. Louis, Phish covered the song following the St. Louis Blues's win over the Boston Bruins in the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals.

She belongs to a mixed ethnicity and holds a Mexican nationality. Trevi's relatives say they haven't seen her since. Karina's most recent visit back home to Chihuahua was in September 1998. She was explosive. Though fan mythology holds that her family was poor and that she ran away from home, her parents were at least middle class and allowed her to pursue an entertainment career in Mexico City.

("What Am I Doing Here?"). That was the last time her parents saw her. It was that the country's lower-class youth seemed to identify with her. She was released from jail in 2004 and returned to Mexico where charges of child abuse and endangerment were later dropped.

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"She said that she wanted to reach an agreement with me in order that I stop talking and change my testimony in her favor," Gonzalez recounted. |  Her father is an Architect and mother was a dance teacher. The album debuted at the top of the Billboard charts and produced two successful singles, "Como Yo Te Amo" ("How I Love You") and "Las Pequeñas Cosas" ("The Little Things"). Ruiz said that Andrade raped her there and later again in a hotel near Los Angeles, California, that both times Trevi was nearby and that for years she was too afraid of her own family's reaction to come forward. He wanted to ar-range a meeting with her. In 1989,when she was 19, her first solo album hit the top of the charts in its first week. The album produced the single "No Querias Lastimarme" ("You Didn't Want to Hurt Me"), which was a critical and massive success. One girl was locked in the bathroom for three weeks, food slipped under the door. She named him Francisco Ariel Yapor Gomez, her own last name. Television journalists say they were astonished to meet her for the first time. The book was seen as the work of a bitter ex-wife who was also a rival television star. In a hotel room, Andrade gave her his standard tryout: sing a Gloria Trevi song, act like a poor Indian and then a wealthy girl. Last week a man claiming to be their lawyer led Mexican reporters on a hopscotch around the country with assurances that Andrade and Trevi would finally show their faces. She describes Trevi as something of an older sister, who assured her that Andrade's behavior was normal. [8] In 2017, Trevi collaborated with fellow Mexican artist Alejandra Guzmán for the album Versus. Her album "Zapatos Viejos" went platinum in Japan and Spain. Karina's mother dutifully accompanied her to the singer's concerts whenever Trevi visited their hometown of Chihuahua in northern Mexico.

If anybody could promise stardom, it was Andrade and Trevi. Nobody is saying that now. Andrade, who had become rich on the success of various performers, owns several homes in Mexico City and nearby Cuernavaca, and he regularly shuttled groups of four between the houses. Ruiz told NEWSWEEK: "Gloria told me it was my fault. "She was crying.

In October 1994, they managed to get close.

The album included two singles, "Cuando un Hombre te Enamora" and "Mas Buena". There have been Trevi sightings reported, but not confirmed, in Europe and Latin America. She was very thin." [email protected], Other Works "She always refused to discuss her private life," says Horacio Villalobos, who has interviewed Trevi three times on the cable music show he hosts. The song reached the top ten of the Latin Billboard charts and topped the charts of several Latin American countries. They did--in front of a notary.

Most shocking to Carrasco was Andrade's relationship with Trevi. She said, 'If you say anything, I will defend Sergio'." At 19, she was older than most of the other girls that Sergio lived with in his various homes. That evidence, as well as witness testimony and newspaper advertisements that appeared in Madrid, has led Spanish investigators to suspect that the girls were being used as prostitutes, an Interpol official said. The accounts of Carrasco and the other girls who have come forward make Andrade's power sound like that of a cult leader. Born as Gloria de los Angeles Trevino, she grew up in the northern industrial city of Monterrey. But to the people who knew Trevi, she was all Andrade's creation. Gloria Trevi is the daughter of Manuel Trevino Cantu and Gloria Ruiz Arredondo. Seven years ago, when she was 18 years old, Delia spent nine months in Andrade's group. Trevi left home in 1983 at 13. Within weeks, hernandez writes, she was convinced that she was in love with Andrade, and that although he was also having sex with the other girls, she was his favorite. Switching houses suddenly was a ritual the girls had grown used to back in Mexico. Her seminude calendars hung in millions of factories and bedrooms across the country. Intellectuals welcomed her into political debates; Mexican writer Carlos Monsivais called her "the spokeswoman of her generation.". [December 2002], Was released from her 5 year sentence from a Mexican prison. According to the landlady, it was rented in the name of a singer whom Andrade had managed for several years. To Young Karina Yapor Gomez, it looked like the path to stardom.

Why did he rarely let Trevi speak at meetings? Francisco Castell (or Gastelum, in some accounts) told reporters that the pair had come to Cuernavaca from Texas by private plane and that they planned to appear before prosecutors in Chihuahua.

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