Scarlett also appears in the sequel Valor vs. Venom. Joe together wanted a secret weapon that enemies would not suspect. In episode "Rage", Tunnel Rat says to Snake Eyes "Hey, your lady's in trouble." The G.I. When Snake Eyes returns to headquarters alive, Scarlett runs and throws herself into his arms.

Quarrel was cast as a Swiss diplomat's daughter, specialized in martial arts, and was packaged with the Z Force Rapid Fire motorcycle and Attack Cannon. Joe: Renegades - Season 1, Volume 1" on DVD.

You can help Joepedia by expanding it. In the G.I. And then to see you alive again, but have you turn your back on me. the MASS Device) for Cobra Industries to use for teleporting troops into battle. Introducing Characters: Professor Patrick O'Hara (Scarlett's father). Like many of the characters from the previous seasons, Scarlett appeared briefly in the 1987 animated film G.I. He is hiding up in the ceiling behind her and sticks a note on her back. This character article is a stub and is missing information. As part of the cover, she is forced to believe that she has caused the death of Stalker and Hawk, the only Joe officers who know the truth behind her motivations.. Joe: Valor vs. Venom. [12] In G.I. In G.I. The 4Kids TV website for Sigma 6 also mentions her expertise as a helicopter pilot while at the same time dropping any mention of her specialty in counter-intelligence. Scarlett was voiced by actress B.J. Joe: The Movie. Flint and Lady Jaye get Zartan out of prison to help them track down the Joes.

As they felt another cave in occurring, they held on to each other, only it was Tunnel Rat and Snake Eyes coming in to rescue them.

[11], Scarlett recovered from her injuries but Snake Eyes harbored no ill will and the two became even closer. She later joins the new team, and eventually leads the team in its final mission to liberate Hawaii after Cobra takes it over, before the U.S. Army bombs the state. Now he was really scared. Joe: Renegades writer Henry Gilroy reveals tidbits about the animated series", "No G.I.

She abandons the team, all part of her plan to go undercover with Cobra. Joe and the 2009 film, G.I. Joe toy franchise. Birthplace

DVD and Blu-ray releases by Shout!Factory came out in 2013. G.I. During the attempt, Mindbender reveals a deadly secret, leading DeCobray to reveal himself as Cobra Commander.

With the help of the ninja Snake-Eyes, her search took her to a Cobra pharmaceutical plant near the town of Springfield, which, she had learned, housed a secret sub-basement that held something sinister and would blow Cobra wide open if it were revealed. [14], The Transformers: Prime/G.I.

Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Joe: Reloaded has a drastically different approach to G.I. However, Duke says to Scarlett: "I was going to bring flowers, but I thought you'd like this better", and hands her the crossbow. Scarlett is one of the featured characters in the 1985 G.I. Posing as a preacher that helps veterans, Scrap-Iron kidnaps Tunnel Rat and uses him to test a weaponized "exo-armor" suit for James McCullen and M.A.R.S. She is a whiz with computers, is often seen with a crossbow, and was trained in Ninjitsu by Snake-Eyes.

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