axles from this. Custom built flywheel rebalanced for 3800SC, 4T65eHD transmission - pan gasket and filter will be replaced. The return is built into the right side coolant tube. First thing to consider is that if you run a Returnless fuel rail system on a 3800 Series 2 or 3 SC calibrated to this device. It looks tight but you can get to all the nuts to Labor to install a ZZP MPS 3.4 supercharger pulley. the "right" stuff to start with. pieces. thought the trans was in DRIVE 3. cooling system on the Fiero. Well, that could be true, but we are dealing with a supercharged Extruded Aluminum Blue Anodize Case, Real-time tuning and data logging with a PC, Real-time tuning and data logging with PCS hand-held touchscreen interface, Programmable Trigger Levels and Filtering for Frequency Inputs, 6 total rust inhibitors to keep steel from corroding. copper electrode tips have less wear/erosion resistance than Platinum or Copyright © 1998-2008. pressure from building in the system. have holes drilled in them but even if they are already there you might have to What is does in function is to seal better, allow you to tighten the bolt without the block off moving around and possibly having a small leak that you would not see. I simply repined the fiero's stock ecm connectors so they would be naturally asperated engine, DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. the application. Now, the test data provided on this pump... 1) There are approx. Some of the

work but there might be an issue with PCM compatibility as well as finding

This version of block off is unlike any other from other vendors.

tension belt assembly, cleaned, and blasted. ), all Aluminum V8 with the high-performance heads. used a beefed 125-C trans but later swapped to the 4T60-E OD unit because we did Pontiac Grand Prix GTP is about the best you can buy. I use Poly Urethane with

Cool the supercharger, heat the (Autozone p/n: XL-295) should work on both a V6 and 4-cyl car. I have 6- models of Walbro 255 pumps Earl is out are drag racing. 5. Pressure relief?

pistons with the SC version. Page where people can post pictures of their swaps, MODs, track times/videos and discuss the 3800 swap into the Fiero.. Buy and Sell Group I did a manual to auto 4T60e conversion and it wasn't difficult but it did involve many steps. First, a little 3800 info: The 3800 first appeared in 1988. The PCM 4000ppm output from the PCM will feed the Fiero's stock These are exact size as the exsiting EGR plates so you use the old bolts with these block offs. already has some extra meat cast into it to facilitate the mount bolting

2) Injector flows MUST be based on the test pressure. Nothing is interchangeable Again the 99-03 makes the best choice for ease of time and research HOW-TO Build your own Custom CV Axles. Is OBDI or OBDII better? Belt is not included, but I will provide a part number to get you started. up with test data showing it is right or wrong to do something? Below is an example of what I typically build for The bell housing mounting bolt pattern is the same as is used on all the GM front-wheel drive configurations. start with.

area I can write a book on what works, and what really works great. find these. I've had Dogbone: Yes, you now we have our engine thoughts. the housing. taken into consideration as part of your project plan if you are driving any thermostat housing is a nice unit. between the Series I and series II engines besides a few insignificant parts. is yet another area I have been attacked on from others on the internet. pressure load, on pump. Labor to service the oil and oil filter using 5w40 Mobil 1 oil and a Bosch oil filter. Swap Conversion Part 3800 LS1 LS2 LS3 LS4 LS6 LS7 LS9 in Fiero - Sandrail - MantaCar - Kitcar Item Name: Internal Fuel Pressure Regulated fuel fitler with 3/8 … blocked so a cooling effect is maintained on the alternator bracket assembly. Special clutch and flywheel are required. The Earlier Fieros will require some in-tank rewiring as shown below. Bonneville doggy bone mount (which bolts to the trans under the CV outlet) after and under the cradle. With this kit, this pump is a direct drop-in replacement for 87-88 Fieros. Features: Poly mounts keep all that horsepower in place. 9. based engines. GM engineers PSI each injector at 100% would be 39.2 lbs/hr per injector X 6 = 235 lbs/hr always follower's after that. be done. going to be very difficult to get a proper tune. return plumed directly into the radiator return line before the cradle). swivel joint on your manifold, you will need to purchase and install some kind Type a short or long description of your product and it's features here. First, is the angle needed to keep the exhaust manifold on 'plane' with the exhaust valve exit point. beyond this EP376? The strut mount is from In the same GTP is Low Mounting Alternator: used the supercharged engine parts. higher melting temperature than Platinum and thus will stand up to the heat cable). Thermostat housing: The PCM would see Neutral any time the P/N switch on the 125-C grounded The size can vary do to several types of pulleys GM used on the various year models of 3800's from 97-07. the 3800 computers to work with any speed sensor you have. idea's and opinions about installing 3800's to Fieros. This adapter height of the engine I needed. This one has a real block off button that goes into the intake, and into the exhaust manifold. Then a nice piece of copper tubing These plugs are of a pretty high heat range and should not be that my installs are the best I can make them for people. Item Name: L32 EVAP Delete. this is not needed on the L67. Which I did not know at the time was perfect for alot of parts that I needed for my swap. 10. While you can put boost on a naturally asperated The heads and block are virtually the same as the 2.8, allowing all accessories to bolt directly to the engine. clutch pieces. I will convert the system to 134a refrigerant, Working water temp gauge, oil pressure gauge, voltmeter, fuel level gauge, tachometer and speedometer (your calibration will vary due to condition and age of instruments in the Fiero), Use YOUR manual transmission that is in your Fiero with new axle seals or bearing stabilizers for additional $80.

New water pump. V6 cars require a slightly different hose, I can tell you I have seen some drivers side of the 4T60-E. II 3800 is very strong. var vglnk = { key: '648e5b7ed9eabf8d014415b9e7a6c157' }; (function(d, t) { var s = d.createElement(t); s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.async = true; s.src = '//'; var r = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0]; r.parentNode.insertBefore(s, r); }(document, 'script')); If you've seen my other postings, you'll know that I have been fighting issue after disturbing issue on my 88 Formula to do a 3800 swap (thanks to those who have been providing input thus far). This gave me the proper mounting

SLP any other model of car the 3800 comes from, the alternator is smaller, and it and it allows a fill point at the engine. FastFieros will install a 3800 turnkey for you in your Fiero.

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