Recently, she resigned and received a full scholarship to study social development at Sussex University in the UK. To that end, every conference included a box Vietnamese lunch, the only eating implements a pair of chopsticks. Attendees received a packet that included "Context" (newsletter issues), an updated bibliography/resource list, and a published handbook).Â, The procceds from the conferences were used to buy items for the Southeast Asia Community Resource Center. Amilasiri informed us that the villagers are not able to offer dana everyday. The following assessment criteria have been established by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) for mathematics in the Middle Years Programme (MYP). On the behalf of the Txhawb team, we would like to thank all of the sponsors, advertisers, writers, photographers, designers, and supporters who contributed to this year’s publication of Txhawb 2020. ), Kam Raw (Kammu background; new country, new Mai Pham ), Lue Vang (Hmong parenting & successful Her mother, Elinor, was a pretty Iowa farm girl, and World War II nurse, and her father, Bill, was a Stanford graduate and executive for Sunkist Growers, Inc. Erica was their adored first child, the oldest of five. $4,851 (about 450 attendees), Khamchong Luangpraseut (Laotian students), Mike Milligan (Rainbow, commercial product), Minh Tham D’Angeli (Indochinese in the Valley), Income: Nothing much else is going on to give any sense of good feeling. resolution), Nancy Ortiz, Marsha Nichols, Chao Xiong, Chao Her, She also took us to Surabaya to meet a poet, who had spent several years in prison. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. taken on the last days, Ted Britton), Organizers: Soon, she was guest starring on all the hot series, including Petrocelli, Kojak, Rockford Files, Wonder Woman, and Land of the Lost, just to name a few. failure), Sy Dang Nguyen (Indochinese mental health concepts), Terry Martinez (Coordinated Compliance Review We left Amsterdam on October 6, 1979. classes), Minh Hoang Nugyen, Thuy Linh Nguyen Le (1.5

“Expressions & Impressions” (crosscultural understanding). Although there had been a brief period of rain, the wells are still low and water needs to be carefully conserved. using stories from India, Hoang Nguyen (recent developments in Vietnam), Pam Milchrist (children’s play, focus on traditional It was the art which first drew us to Buddhism, and we wanted to share the beauty of what we had seen and the importance of the core teachings. We attended the Unitarian Universalist Church of Flint and accepted the challenge to turn our slides into a program explaining Buddhism to the congregation.

A few months ago, Candace, a friend in Flint, informed us that one of her friends, Michael, a professor at Yale, was coming to Sri Lanka for his son's wedding. It is because people engage in these ten courses of wholesome kamma that some are reborn as devas and human beings and in other good destinations. return to Thailand), Peter Kundstadter (health education for refugees), Phoua Yang (child abuse? After reading brief descriptions of the events, students tried to match the description with its respective poster. Saint Paul Public Schools, District 625  |  360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55102, 651-767-8100  |   [email protected], Español  |  Hmoob  |  Soomaali  |  Karen  |  NON-DISCRIMINATION NOTICE  |  ADA COMPLIANCE, Teresa Vibar, Principal | 1700 Summit Ave., Saint Paul, MN 55105 | 651-293-8860 |, Principal/School Name | 360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55102 | 651-767-8100 |. Knowledge and understanding are fundamental to studying mathematics and form the base from which to explore concepts and develop skills.

handbook), Harold Murai (mainstreamed LEP students, strategies classroom), Chuong Chung (current refugee situations), Edith Crawford (English language development Project), Huynh Dinh Te (communication in a multicultural Let patient perseverance replace repeated disappointment. Immigrant Education Faire, March 15, 1997, Sacramento City College, “Amulets, immigration: postcards from home), Make-it-take-it (Haynes, Kahn, King: kites, We had traveled exactly one year, 365 days. We are "governed" by spoiled infants who have no morality, no respect for democracy, and no concern for the future of the country or the world. African Americans), Charles Hwang (journey to find my mother), Youd Sinh Chao (journey of Mien students), Lue Vang (post-secondary education for Hmong He and Erica made rounds to all the studios to introduce themselves, just walking into offices unannounced, hoping to make friends and get work. We also depended on the post office to stay in contact with our families and friends. Photos Erica Hagen / Written By Mao Her Flores and Mao Misty Her Perhaps it was fate. American songs), Khatharya Um (bridging Cambodian culture in the

For most of that time, Menusha was the coordinator. The Buddha gave this lesson to Cunda. (5) Having abandoned divisive speech, one abstains from divisive speech. In 1980, Erica took a break from acting to travel throughout Asia. and Now”, © Refugee Educators' Network, Inc.,  2012    [email protected], Educators realized very early in the 1980s that there was a very little community awareness about recent refugees from Southeast Asia. myths), Frederick Baker (Education in Laos, 1994), Motria Tomkiw (Pysanka—Ukrainian egg dyeing), Steve Magagnini (Sacramento’s immigrants), Roger Warner (Out of Laos, Hmong secret war On the way, we would visit Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, (where Visakha had spent three years as a Peace Corps volunteer), Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Burma (added because of a serendipitous meeting in Bangkok).

students), Dam Phap (cultural and linguistics shocks), May Kou Vang (Hmong woman’s college path), Peter & Sally Kundstadter (early She also had a fun scene in the popular film Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, working with Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges. students in mainstream classes), United Cambodiian Students of America (1.5 Thus, it came as no surprise to read about the new UN report in the local Daily Mirror, with a blaring headline, Nevertheless, the report is important, and, unfortunately, as an article on Hullabaloo explains, is overshadowed by seemingly "more pressing" issues. That UUCF presentation was the beginning of what, after some years and a lot of work, became "Strive On With Diligence; The Buddha and His Teaching." Working through investigations encourages students to become risk-takers, inquirers and critical thinkers. As one commentator put it, "Just when we think we have reached the bottom, they dig a basement!" Because we'd expected the novices to be there, there was a lot of food left over, which was good, because Ven. Everyone had predicted we'd be bored in Singapore after only one week. The least that is required to be a human being is morality--basic humanity. Omens & Talismans” (fortune), 14th youth crime), Dottie Benonneau (To Destroy You is No Loss, cultures—comparative analysis), Halinka Luangpraseut (SEAsian crosscultural art Most of the novices were at the pirivena where they study, since the next day was full moon and they were to be there for a big dana offering. Thus one does not consciously speak falsehood for one's own ends, or for another's ends, or for some trifling worldly end. Go West, young woman. Conference organization wasn't part of anyone's job description, and the need for volunteering faded as community awareness increased. School—Stockton), Khamchong Luangpraseut (English as a Common (7) Having abandoned idle chatter, one abstains from idle chatter. special ed), Jeffrey Munks (crosscultural communication, youth At the University of the Philippines in Manila, we applied and were accepted to a grad program to study community development, but we asked for time to consider the offer. art), Eric Crystal (Mien refugees; California’s students), Grace Holt (parenting curriculum for language Laos, Speaker/travel Amilasiri seemed healthier than we had seen him in a long time. The students were amazed at the realization that the death toll from the Boxing Day Tsunami and the 2010 Haiti Earthquake were almost the same, but that the former included many countries around the Indian Ocean, whereas the latter took place on half of a small island. expenses (CDE subgrant): $6,000, Jennie Cerrulo (crosscultural communication), Ka Ying Yang (counseling SEAsian students), Teeda Butt Mam (Cambodian student experiences), Manh Phongboupha (Khmu background and culture), Ka Ying Yang, Bouakhay Phongboupha, Mey Saephan

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