i tried to talk to him over the phone and in person but he just wouldn’t want to talk to me i told him if he would regret it because he once said i was the love of his life he said no because he couldn’t be in a relationship were he didn’t love the person anymore and because i didn’t make him happy anymore. Sadly enough we share some area in the house, and for him everything annoying him. The first time he said he wanted his heart to open to love me. You don’t know if she will reach out, it’s more likely that yes but I don’t want to give you false hope, and if she ever contacts you again, you don’t know when, so you shouldn’t wait for her. Also, " Every relationship seems to go through that stage of constant arguments and fading love. You may also face the satisfaction of becoming the dumper if your ex comes crawling back, but you have already well moved on. Check out the 5 stages of a break up for the dumpee. Most men will agonize over a breakup for weeks or months leading up to the actual breakup before summoning up the courage to do it. I cant changed everything in a snap of a finger, and that i only ask for her patience for me to slowly show her i can really change because i am already changing tbh for the better but she knocked me off. I have accepted the fact we are no longer together, but memories and what ifs always flood my mind. It’s his loss, I’m a great girl and he doesn’t deserve me and what I have to offer! I miss her so dearly and just pray if we do happen again she don’t have to experiment. i apologized and started to be more open towards him. It will just prolong your grieving process. As long as I can tell, she hasn’t blocked me or unfollowed me from any social media yet. All of the aforementioned traits i portray took a toll on the relationship.

We’ve had no contact since then and then out of the blue last night he text me to see how I was doing and said what good good times we had and suggested meeting up , I’m very confused and worried that I will get hurt again . If the dumper comes back before you’ve moved on, it means big trouble for you. She was still in college that time so theyre still able to see or talk to each other because they have the same course and they were even a team in their thesis. I appreciate your honesty. When this happens, dumpees hear a lot of excuses, such as “I missed you so much, I love you and I need you, I made a mistake, etc,”. But as time goes by she really doesnt do anything to gain my trust, she did not give me any assurance, not unless i ask her to. He developed The Emergency Breakup Kit, a powerful guide to winning back an ex.

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