I wore my brand new Drake jacket (I think the MST) last spring to a hunt test. Yes. Some people are cold-natured, and some people prefer to dress light.

I have hunted in extreme wet, windy and cold conditions and it has kept me warm and dry every time. As you can imagine, we receive thousands of requests each year and we can only accommodate a few in the local communities in which live and work. It's been in the 70's around here.

I use silicone spray on my breathable jackets. 1-36 of 39 results ... Drake MST Breathlite 1/4 Zip Pullover - Polar Blue .

Now it is a simple neoprene strap which velcros to itself. Make sure your waders are completely clean and free of mud and debris. A buddy of mine bought the MSTs and to be honest I dont like them. If I even think about moving decoys I break out in an uncontrollable sweat....The stuff is extremely warm. I like the way they build their jackets they fit well and I stay dry.

I've noticed the cordura on the knees and seat have finally started to loosen up a little, making it easier to maneuver around. in the early spring and late fall the inside liner works really well as a simple jacket too.

2nd season with the coat, and it appears I may never be cold duck hunting again.

We consider breathable waders to be the most versatile wader for waterfowl hunting because you can always create more warmth with smart layering. Anyone interested in applying for one of the limited sponsorships we may have available may do so by e-mailing their media kit to [email protected] or submitting by mail to Drake Waterfowl, Attn: Marketing, 7282 Maygan Dr., Olive Branch, MS 38654.

Neoprene waders are designed to insulate and protect from cold weather. Now it only leaks badly at the "call/key" pockets.

The boots actually fit well and don't have access bulk... they fit true to size. Moderators: HENDU3270, donell67, Quack Wacker NC, Smackaduck, by WildernessWill » Mon Nov 29, 2010 1:41 am, by LouisianaFowler » Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:59 am, by ntx_duckster » Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:04 am, by whistlin_wings » Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:26 am, by WildernessWill » Mon Nov 29, 2010 1:35 pm, by whistlin_wings » Mon Nov 29, 2010 1:47 pm, by ntx_duckster » Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:19 am, by MontanaMatt » Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:26 am, by LouisianaFowler » Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:51 am, by SquadIrons » Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:01 am, by NHDuckHunter » Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:19 pm, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 12 guests. $130 with free shipping for a new jacket cant be beat. From. Starting at: $129.99 MSRP: $200.00. The LSTs are really thick though so if its warm where you live early season Id suggest a light weight breathable wader in addition, or going with one the MSTs which arent so heavy. I put the more traditional clips on mine.

I've only been out twice in the rain with it, and it hasn't leaked a bit. Maybe it's better down where you guys are, but in Canada, it's cold 2-3weeks into the season.

Search online for Drake retailers that will ship internationally, or visit one of our retail partners that works with us to ship internationally such as Mack's Prairie Wings. Realtree Max-5. We accomplish this with our own employees, our television crew, our Elite Team and Field Experts, outfitters with whom we partner, and media partners. Also, due to the slim fit and lack of extra bulk, the knees bind (pull tight against the front of the knee) a bit while in the seated or squatting position. The gluing and stitching appear the same as other waders. Realtree Timber.

Way way too expensive for what you get and just because of the name.

If space is an issue or if laying flat is not possible, place the waders in a plastic tub. Drake Waterfowl MST Eqwader 2.0 Chest Waders Review - YouTube I don't think you would go wrong with either the Cabelas Dry Plus jacket or the Drake.

Keeps you dry and really warm plus it's breathable. No Drake for this one. I have also found that I don't sweat as bad in them. For hours. Will use in N Arkansas. Eventually you may need to treat your waterproof clothing with an after-market water repellent treatment if you notice that your garment is leaking.

All i have to say is i hope the knees stretch out some, they are really stiff when tryin to wade/walk through the grasses. The primary differences between our three types of chest waders are the fabric and the boot insulation. The online payment is secure and your information never leaves our secure servers. Occasionally, we run out of an item faster than inventory levels can be updated online.

The wader belt is built in but removeable. Unfortunately I didn't read the reviews or try it on, just went on the recommendations of the worker at cabelas because it was a toss up between that and the Herters jacket. In a free society, it is not the obligation of the citizen to prove to the government that he is a good person. Drake Waterfowl recommends the following products for re-treating our waterproof/breathable outerwear: -          ReviveX® Durable Water Proofing by Gear Aid. Compare Compare Now.

second pair they sent the wrong size.

When properly taken care of, a pair of waders will last for many years.

This allows you to have the best selection and receive your order as quickly as possible. Including blinds, camo, clothing, etc... For decoys and calls, please see the other appropriate forums for that type of genre, Thanks. We do not accept exchanges. The overall fit of these EST waders is slim. The website is secure and tested daily to ensure your personal information is safe. If I am wear the LST I have to be very careful on my activity level.

Love both of them. Hang them or lay them flat to dry. Drake Waterfowl derives the vast majority of our television exposure through our own show, Migration Nation and through television and DVD exposure through a small group of media partners.

Which would be better the MST or LST? Really hoping my drake lst waders hold up. Youll love the handwarmer pocket as well as the other pockets on these waders. They also survived being in and outta the boat. Drake Waterfowl Systems strives to be a good corporate citizen and we support our local conservation organizations and goodwill events in our home communities where we operate our business. We also offer Banquet/Event Packages on a limited basis to qualifying non-profit groups. The right front pocket on my Drake came off first time I wore it. Wisely, their plan was focused on the weak link in all waders - the seams. I would say MST if you have layers you can put on underneath. I've noticed the cordura on the knees and seat have finally started to loosen up a little, making it easier to maneuver around. If you are willing to spend $700, pair the Sitka Gear "Dakota Hoody or Jacket" with the "Delta Wading Jacket".

I bought one in 1995 and it leaked, sent to back to Columbia in the early 2000 and got brand new one (2) sizes larger ( I grew). Share you waterfowl hunting gear tips and questions here.

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