The hatchback is a vehicle that can found in DayZ. The hatchback is based on the Volkswagen Passat B2, which was made between 1981-1988 and is still produced in some countries.

Iv been looking everywhere and I have followed what little instruction I can find but this is what I have done to try and get this to work, i know it can because I was on servers with this enabled. To completely repair (green status) a broken (red status) Old Hatchback you will need: A picture of the Old hatchback in real life, with different headlights. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. Dayz update 1.10: Patch note October 22, 2020 Announce: PC Experimental update 1.10 October 22, 2020 DayZ Stable update 1.09.153407 – Hotfix September 16, 2020 On upload, your file will be validated against custom XML schema, if your file has errors - it will not load.It also means that already your server is broken and it wouldn't spawn loot properly - refer to types.xml detailed guide for details. They can be found in many different places, usually near buildings, and can be found in various states of damage -- sometimes with various parts attached, missing or broken and lacking fuel or water. These parts may have to be replaced or repaired and fuel and water will have to be added before Survivors can make proper use of the vehicle.

The Old hatchback has very good fuel mileage compared to other vehicles in the game. We try to keep this updated to the best of our ability, should you find any prices outdated then please let us know so we can correct them as soon as we can. As with most things in the DayZ world not connected to your actual character, vehicles are non-transferable between servers. It has a maximum on-road speed of 103 km/h. Vehicles are used as a means of transportation for people over the terrains of DayZ and also as a means of item storage.

AK74_WoodBttstck_Black [KA Wooden Buttstock], AK74_WoodBttstck_Camo [KA Wooden Buttstock], AKS74U_Bttstck [KAS-74U Folding Buttstock], AKS74U_Bttstck_Black [KAS-74U Folding Buttstock], AKS74U_Bttstck_Green [KAS-74U Folding Buttstock], AK_FoldingBttstck_Black [KA Folding Buttstock], AK_FoldingBttstck_Green [KA Folding Buttstock], AK_PlasticBttstck_Black [KA Polymer Buttstock], AK_PlasticBttstck_Green [KA Polymer Buttstock], AK_WoodBttstck_Black [KA Wooden Buttstock], AK_WoodBttstck_Camo [KA Wooden Buttstock], AK_WoodHndgrd_Black [KA Wooden Handguard], AmmoBox_00buck_10rnd [Boxed 12ga 00 Buckshots], AmmoBox_12gaSlug_10Rnd [Boxed 12ga Rifled Slugs], AmmoBox_308WinTracer_20Rnd [Boxed .308 WIN Tracer Rounds], AmmoBox_308Win_20Rnd [Boxed .308 WIN Rounds], AmmoBox_380_35rnd [Boxed .380 ACP Rounds], AmmoBox_45ACP_25rnd [Boxed .45 ACP Rounds], AmmoBox_545x39Tracer_20Rnd [Boxed 5.45x39mm Tracer Rounds], AmmoBox_545x39_20Rnd [Boxed 5.45x39mm Rounds], AmmoBox_556x45Tracer_20Rnd [Boxed 5.56x45mm Tracer Rounds], AmmoBox_556x45_20Rnd [Boxed 5.56x45mm Rounds], AmmoBox_762x39Tracer_20Rnd [Boxed 7.62x39mm Tracer Rounds], AmmoBox_762x39_20Rnd [Boxed 7.62x39mm Rounds], AmmoBox_762x54Tracer_20Rnd [Boxed 7.62x54mmR Tracer Rounds], AmmoBox_762x54_20Rnd [Boxed 7.62x54mmR Rounds], AmmoBox_9x39AP_20Rnd [Boxed 9x39mm Armor-Piercing Rounds], Ammo_308WinTracer [.308 WIN Tracer Rounds], Ammo_545x39Tracer [5.45x39mm Tracer Rounds], Ammo_556x45Tracer [5.56x45mm Tracer Rounds], Ammo_762x39Tracer [7.62x39mm Tracer Rounds], Ammo_762x54Tracer [7.62x54mmR Tracer Rounds], Ammo_9x39AP [9x39mm Armor-Piercing Rounds], Animal_GallusGallusDomesticusF_Brown [Hen], Animal_GallusGallusDomesticusF_Spotted [Hen], Animal_GallusGallusDomesticusF_White [Hen], BakedBeansCan_Opened [Canned Baked Beans], BarbedWireLocked [Restrained by Barbed Wire], Book20000LieuesSousLesMers [20000 Lieues sous les mers], BookATexasMatchmaker [A Texas Matchmaker], BookAVoyageToArcturus [A Voyage to Arcturus], BookAliceInWonderland [Alice's Adventures in Wonderland], BookAndersensFairyTales [Andersen's Fairy Tales], BookAroundTheWorldIn80Days [Around the World in 80 Days], BookCassidysRustlerRoundUp [Hopalong Cassidy's Rustler Round-Up], BookCinqSemainesEnBallon [Cinq Semaines En Ballon], BookCrimeAndPunishment [Crime and Punishment], BookDasNibelungenlied [Das Nibelungenlied], BookDeLaTerreLaLune [De la terre a la lune], BookDeLorigineDesEspces [De l'origine des especes], BookDonQuichotte [L’Ingénieux Hidalgo Don Quichotte de la Manche], BookFaustErsterTeil [Faust: Der Tragödie erster Teil], BookGilgameshEpic [An Old Babylonian Version of the Gilgamesh Epic], BookGreatExpectations [Great Expectations], BookGulliversTravels [Gulliver's Travels], BookGunmansReckoning [Gunman's Reckoning], BookJapaneseLiterature [Japanese Literature], BookKingSolomonsMines [King Solomon's Mines], BookLaChartreuseDeParme [La Chartreuse de Parme], BookLaComdieHumaine [La Comédie humaine volume I], BookLeRougeEtLeNoir [Le Rouge et le noir], BookLesTroisMousquetaires [Les trois mousquetaires], BookNaturalSelection [On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection], BookNostromo [Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard], BookPhilosophiaeNaturalis [Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica], BookPrideAndPrejudice [Pride and Prejudice], BookRobinsonCrusoeAdventures [The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe], BookRussianCheatSheet [Russian cheat sheet], BookTheBrothersKaramazov [The Brothers Karamazov], BookTheCallOfCthulhu [The Call of Cthulhu], BookTheCallOfTheWild [The Call of the Wild], BookTheCanterburyTales [The Canterbury Tales and Other Poems], BookTheCosmicComputer [The Cosmic Computer], BookTheCountryOfTheBlind [The Country of the Blind], BookTheDayOfTheBeast [The Day of the Beast], BookTheDecameron [The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio], BookTheDesertOfWheat [The Desert of Wheat], BookTheGiacomoLeopardi [The Poems of Giacomo Leopardi], BookTheHeritageOfTheSioux [The Heritage of the Sioux], BookTheHiddenChildren [The Hidden Children], BookTheHoundOfTheBaskervilles [The Hound of the Baskervilles], BookTheHouseOfTheSevenGables [The House of the Seven Gables], BookTheIslandOfDoctorMoreau [The Island of Doctor Moreau], BookTheJustifiedSinner [The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner], BookTheLastOfThePlainsmen [The Last of the Plainsmen], BookTheMahabharataOfKrishna [The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa Bk. Hatchback_02_Door_2_1_RedRust [Gunter 2 Front Right Door] Hatchback_02_Door_2_2 [Gunter 2 Rear Right Door] Hatchback_02_Door_2_2_Black [Gunter 2 Rear Right Door] It has a maximum on-road speed of 103 km/h. 4], BookTheManWhoWasThursday [The Man Who Was Thursday], BookTheMetamorphosesOfOvid [The Metamorphoses of Ovid], BookTheMonkARomance [The Monk - A romance], BookThePictureOfDorianGray [The Picture Of Dorian Gray], BookThePitAndThePendulum [The Pit and the Pendulum], BookThePrisonerOfZenda [The Prisoner of Zenda], BookTheRedBadgeOfCourage [The Red Badge of Courage], BookTheRightsOfWoman [A Vindication of the Rights of Women], BookTheScarletPimpernel [The Scarlet Pimpernel], BookTheThreeMusketeers [The Three Musketeers], BookTheTurnOfTheScrew [The Turn of the Screw], BookTheWarOfTheWorlds [The War of the Worlds], BookThreeMenInABoat [Three Men in a Boat], BookToTheInteriorOfTheEarth [A Journey to the Interior of the Earth], BookTonyAndTheBeetles [Tony and the Beetles], BookTranslationsOfShakuntala [Translations of Shakuntala and Other Works], BookVoyageAuCentreDeLaTerre [Voyage au Centre de la Terre], BookWealthOfNations [An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations], BookWielandOrTheTransformation [Wieland or The Transformation], CanvasPantsMidi_Beige [Crop Hiking Pants], CanvasPantsMidi_Violet [Crop Hiking Pants], CivSedanDoors_BackLeft [Olga 24 Rear Left Door], CivSedanDoors_BackLeft_Black [Olga 24 Rear Left Door], CivSedanDoors_BackLeft_BlackRust [Olga 24 Rear Left Door], CivSedanDoors_BackLeft_WhiteRust [Olga 24 Rear Left Door], CivSedanDoors_BackLeft_Wine [Olga 24 Rear Left Door], CivSedanDoors_BackLeft_WineRust [Olga 24 Rear Left Door], CivSedanDoors_BackRight [Olga 24 Rear Right Door], CivSedanDoors_BackRight_Black [Olga 24 Rear Right Door], CivSedanDoors_BackRight_BlackRust [Olga 24 Rear Right Door], CivSedanDoors_BackRight_WhiteRust [Olga 24 Rear Right Door], CivSedanDoors_BackRight_Wine [Olga 24 Rear Right Door], CivSedanDoors_BackRight_WineRust [Olga 24 Rear Right Door], CivSedanDoors_CoDriver [Olga 24 Front Right Door], CivSedanDoors_CoDriver_Black [Olga 24 Front Right Door], CivSedanDoors_CoDriver_BlackRust [Olga 24 Front Right Door], CivSedanDoors_CoDriver_WhiteRust [Olga 24 Front Right Door], CivSedanDoors_CoDriver_Wine [Olga 24 Front Right Door], CivSedanDoors_CoDriver_WineRust [Olga 24 Front Right Door], CivSedanDoors_Driver [Olga 24 Front Left Door], CivSedanDoors_Driver_Black [Olga 24 Front Left Door], CivSedanDoors_Driver_BlackRust [Olga 24 Front Left Door], CivSedanDoors_Driver_WhiteRust [Olga 24 Front Left Door], CivSedanDoors_Driver_Wine [Olga 24 Front Left Door], CivSedanDoors_Driver_WineRust [Olga 24 Front Left Door], CivSedanTrunk_BlackRust [Olga 24 Trunk Lid], CivSedanTrunk_WhiteRust [Olga 24 Trunk Lid], CivSedanTrunk_WineRust [Olga 24 Trunk Lid], CombinationLock [3-Dial Combination Lock], CombinationLock4 [4-Dial Combination Lock], DirtBikeHelmet_Mouthguard [Enduro Helmet Mouthguard], DirtBikeHelmet_Visor [Enduro Helmet Visor], ElectronicRepairKit [Electrical Repair Kit], Fal_FoldingBttstck [LAR Folding Buttstock], FirefighterJacket_Beige [Firefighter Jacket], FirefighterJacket_Black [Firefighter Jacket], FirefightersHelmet_Red [Firefighter Helmet], FirefightersHelmet_White [Firefighter Helmet], FirefightersHelmet_Yellow [Firefighter Helmet], FirefightersPants_Beige [Firefighter Pants], FirefightersPants_Black [Firefighter Pants], GP5GasMask_Filter [mask filter - PLACEHOLDER], HandcuffsLocked [Restrained by Handcuffs], HatchbackDoors_CoDriver [Ada 4x4 Right Door], HatchbackDoors_CoDriver_Blue [Ada 4x4 Right Door], HatchbackDoors_CoDriver_BlueRust [Ada 4x4 Right Door], HatchbackDoors_CoDriver_GreenRust [Ada 4x4 Right Door], HatchbackDoors_CoDriver_White [Ada 4x4 Right Door], HatchbackDoors_CoDriver_WhiteRust [Ada 4x4 Right Door], HatchbackDoors_Driver [Ada 4x4 Left Door], HatchbackDoors_Driver_Blue [Ada 4x4 Left Door], HatchbackDoors_Driver_BlueRust [Ada 4x4 Left Door], HatchbackDoors_Driver_GreenRust [Ada 4x4 Left Door], HatchbackDoors_Driver_White [Ada 4x4 Left Door], HatchbackDoors_Driver_WhiteRust [Ada 4x4 Left Door], HatchbackTrunk_BlueRust [Ada 4x4 Trunk Door], HatchbackTrunk_GreenRust [Ada 4x4 Trunk Door], HatchbackTrunk_White [Ada 4x4 Trunk Door], HatchbackTrunk_WhiteRust [Ada 4x4 Trunk Door], Hatchback_02_Door_1_1 [Gunter 2 Front Left Door], Hatchback_02_Door_1_1_Black [Gunter 2 Front Left Door], Hatchback_02_Door_1_1_BlackRust [Gunter 2 Front Left Door], Hatchback_02_Door_1_1_Blue [Gunter 2 Front Left Door], Hatchback_02_Door_1_1_BlueRust [Gunter 2 Front Left Door], Hatchback_02_Door_1_1_RedRust [Gunter 2 Front Left Door], Hatchback_02_Door_1_2 [Gunter 2 Rear Left Door], Hatchback_02_Door_1_2_Black [Gunter 2 Rear Left Door], Hatchback_02_Door_1_2_BlackRust [Gunter 2 Rear Left Door], Hatchback_02_Door_1_2_Blue [Gunter 2 Rear Left Door], Hatchback_02_Door_1_2_BlueRust [Gunter 2 Rear Left Door], Hatchback_02_Door_1_2_RedRust [Gunter 2 Rear Left Door], Hatchback_02_Door_2_1 [Gunter 2 Front Right Door], Hatchback_02_Door_2_1_Black [Gunter 2 Front Right Door], Hatchback_02_Door_2_1_BlackRust [Gunter 2 Front Right Door], Hatchback_02_Door_2_1_Blue [Gunter 2 Front Right Door], Hatchback_02_Door_2_1_BlueRust [Gunter 2 Front Right Door], Hatchback_02_Door_2_1_RedRust [Gunter 2 Front Right Door], Hatchback_02_Door_2_2 [Gunter 2 Rear Right Door], Hatchback_02_Door_2_2_Black [Gunter 2 Rear Right Door], Hatchback_02_Door_2_2_BlackRust [Gunter 2 Rear Right Door], Hatchback_02_Door_2_2_Blue [Gunter 2 Rear Right Door], Hatchback_02_Door_2_2_BlueRust [Gunter 2 Rear Right Door], Hatchback_02_Door_2_2_RedRust [Gunter 2 Rear Right Door], Hatchback_02_Hood_BlackRust [Gunter 2 Hood], Hatchback_02_Hood_BlueRust [Gunter 2 Hood], Hatchback_02_Hood_RedRust [Gunter 2 Hood], Hatchback_02_Trunk_Black [Gunter 2 Trunk Door], Hatchback_02_Trunk_BlackRust [Gunter 2 Trunk Door], Hatchback_02_Trunk_Blue [Gunter 2 Trunk Door], Hatchback_02_Trunk_BlueRust [Gunter 2 Trunk Door], Hatchback_02_Trunk_RedRust [Gunter 2 Trunk Door], Hatchback_02_Wheel_Ruined [Gunter 2 Wheel], ImprovisedFishingRod [Simple Fishing Rod], ImprovisedSuppressor [Plastic Bottle Suppressor], Land_Radio_PanelBig [Radio Control Panel], LargeTentBackPack [$str_cfgvehicles_largetent_backpack0], LeatherStorageVest_Natural [Leather Vest], M18SmokeGrenade_Green [1-M8 Smoke Grenade], M18SmokeGrenade_Purple [1-M8 Smoke Grenade], M18SmokeGrenade_White [1-M8 Smoke Grenade], M18SmokeGrenade_Yellow [1-M8 Smoke Grenade], M4_CQBBttstck_Black [M4-A1 CQB Buttstock], M4_CQBBttstck_Green [M4-A1 CQB Buttstock], M4_CarryHandleOptic [M4-A1 Carry Handle Sights], M4_OEBttstck [M4-A1 Telescopic Buttstock], M4_OEBttstck_Black [M4-A1 Telescopic Buttstock], M4_OEBttstck_Green [M4-A1 Telescopic Buttstock], M4_PlasticHndgrd [M4-A1 Polymer Handguard], M4_PlasticHndgrd_Black [M4-A1 Polymer Handguard], M4_PlasticHndgrd_Green [M4-A1 Polymer Handguard], M4_RISHndgrd_Black [M4-A1 Rail Handguard], M4_RISHndgrd_Green [M4-A1 Rail Handguard], MP5_PlasticHndgrd [SG5-K Polymer Handguard], MP5k_StockBttstck [SG5-K Folding buttstock], Mag_AKM_Drum75Rnd_Black [75rd KA-M Drum Mag], Mag_AKM_Drum75Rnd_Green [75rd KA-M Drum Mag], Mag_AKM_Palm30Rnd [30rd KA-M Polymer Mag], Mag_AKM_Palm30Rnd_Black [30rd KA-M Polymer Mag], Mag_AKM_Palm30Rnd_Green [30rd KA-M Polymer Mag], Mag_CLIP762x39_10Rnd [10rd SK 59/66 Clip], Mag_CLIP762x54_5Rnd [5rd Mosin 91/30 Clip], Mag_CMAG_10Rnd_Black [10rd Mag-C Magazine], Mag_CMAG_10Rnd_Green [10rd Mag-C Magazine], Mag_CMAG_20Rnd_Black [20rd Mag-C Magazine], Mag_CMAG_20Rnd_Green [20rd Mag-C Magazine], Mag_CMAG_30Rnd_Black [30rd Mag-C Magazine], Mag_CMAG_30Rnd_Green [30rd Mag-C Magazine], Mag_CMAG_40Rnd_Black [40rd Mag-C Magazine], Mag_CMAG_40Rnd_Green [40rd Mag-C Magazine], Mag_STANAGCoupled_30Rnd [30rd Coupled Standardized Mag], Mag_Saiga_Drum20Rnd [20rd Drum Vaiga Mag], MaleAdamDecayedLighterDarkHands [Bare hands], MetalWireLocked [Restrained by Metal Wire], Mosin_Compensator [Mosin 91/30 Compensator], OrienteeringCompass [Orienteering Compass], ParamedicJacket_Crimson [Paramedic Jacket], RDG2SmokeGrenade_Black [EGD-2 Smoke Grenade], RDG2SmokeGrenade_White [EGD-2 Smoke Grenade], SawedoffMosin9130 [Sawed-off Mosin 91/30], SawedoffMosin9130_Black [Sawed-off Mosin 91/30], SawedoffMosin9130_Camo [Sawed-off Mosin 91/30], SawedoffMosin9130_Green [Sawed-off Mosin 91/30], Sedan_02_Door_1_1 [Sarka 120 Front Left Door], Sedan_02_Door_1_1_Grey [Sarka 120 Front Left Door], Sedan_02_Door_1_1_GreyRust [Sarka 120 Front Left Door], Sedan_02_Door_1_1_Red [Sarka 120 Front Left Door], Sedan_02_Door_1_1_RedRust [Sarka 120 Front Left Door], Sedan_02_Door_1_1_YellowRust [Sarka 120 Front Left Door], Sedan_02_Door_1_2 [Sarka 120 Rear Left Door], Sedan_02_Door_1_2_Grey [Sarka 120 Rear Left Door], Sedan_02_Door_1_2_GreyRust [Sarka 120 Rear Left Door], Sedan_02_Door_1_2_Red [Sarka 120 Rear Left Door], Sedan_02_Door_1_2_RedRust [Sarka 120 Rear Left Door], Sedan_02_Door_1_2_YellowRust [Sarka 120 Rear Left Door], Sedan_02_Door_2_1 [Sarka 120 Front Right Door], Sedan_02_Door_2_1_Grey [Sarka 120 Front Right Door], Sedan_02_Door_2_1_GreyRust [Sarka 120 Front Right Door], Sedan_02_Door_2_1_Red [Sarka 120 Front Right Door], Sedan_02_Door_2_1_RedRust [Sarka 120 Front Right Door], Sedan_02_Door_2_1_YellowRust [Sarka 120 Front Right Door], Sedan_02_Door_2_2 [Sarka 120 Rear Right Door], Sedan_02_Door_2_2_Grey [Sarka 120 Rear Right Door], Sedan_02_Door_2_2_GreyRust [Sarka 120 Rear Right Door], Sedan_02_Door_2_2_Red [Sarka 120 Rear Right Door], Sedan_02_Door_2_2_RedRust [Sarka 120 Rear Right Door], Sedan_02_Door_2_2_YellowRust [Sarka 120 Rear Right Door], Sedan_02_Hood_YellowRust [Sarka 120 Hood], Sedan_02_Trunk_Grey [Sarka 120 Trunk Door], Sedan_02_Trunk_GreyRust [Sarka 120 Trunk Door], Sedan_02_Trunk_Red [Sarka 120 Trunk Door], Sedan_02_Trunk_RedRust [Sarka 120 Trunk Door], Sedan_02_Trunk_YellowRust [Sarka 120 Trunk Door], SportGlasses_Orange [Athletic Sunglasses], SurgicalGloves_LightBlue [Surgical Gloves], TetracyclineAntibiotics [Tetracycline Pills], TrackSuitJacket_LightBlue [Tracksuit Jacket], TrackSuitPants_LightBlue [Tracksuit Pants], Truck_01_Cargo_Orange [M3S Cargo Chassis], Truck_01_Door_2_1_Orange [M3S Right Door], Truck_01_WheelDouble_Ruined [M3S Dual Wheel], Truck_02_Wheel_Ruined [Utility Vehicle Wheel], ZmbM_usSoldier_normal_Woodland [Infected], ZucchiniSeedsPack [Packed Zucchini Seeds].

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