He is an expert in business associations, international business transactions, property law, jurisprudence, law and social science, and legal education. The site is owned by Dave Van Zandt from North Carolina, offers no biographical information about himself, determining which news sources are credible, WND found a leftist, Trump-bashing assistant professor in Massachusetts who specialized in “fat studies” was behind the effort, “Want to keep fake news out of your newsfeed? However, the organization came under fire after it published a July 21, 2015, piece called “Unspinning the Planned Parenthood Video,” an entry that defended the abortion provider during the baby-parts scandal. These scam sites are now trying to use each other for cover, in order to back up the false and unsubstantiated ‘ratings’ they semi-randomly assign respected news outlets. Determining the validity of any given news outlet requires doing ones own scrutiny and research. In a recent smear campaign to promote the unsubstantiated narrative that President Donald Trump's rallies were spreading the coronavirus, CNN offered a unique glimpse... Pa. Gov’t Tries to Block Citizens from Voting Due to Potential COVID Exposure, Judge Rejects GOP Bid to Block 127,000 Suspicious Votes from Houston Drive-Thru, Obama Judge (AGAIN) Blocks Trump Admin Policy on Public Benefits for Immigrants, Trump Campaign Launches ‘Defend Your Ballot’ Web Page to Report Election Concerns, US Businesses Board Up Storefronts in Anticipation of Post-Election Riots, Leaked Zoom Call Allegedly Shows Anti-Trump Bureaucrats Plotting Coup to Shutdown DC, Twitter Clarifies Plans for Rigging Election Victories w/ Biased Media, Blue-State Officials, TDS-Afflicted Yale Prof. #Trump administration already off to a poor start.”, Healy also praised the Womens March on Washington, D.C., tweeting Jan. 21: “The fact that around this country we can have massive peaceful protests after a peaceful transition of power is awesome #WomansMarch.”, MediaBIasFactCheck.com describes itself as “the most comprehensive media bias resource in the Internet.” The site is owned by Dave Van Zandt from North Carolina, who offers no biographical information about himself aside from the following: “Dave has been freelancing for 25+ years for a variety of print and web mediums (sic), with a focus on media bias and the role of media in politics. David E. van Zandt is on the board of AMC Networks, Inc. and President & Trustee at The New School and Associate Justice at Supreme Court of the United States. Alexios Mantzarlis runs IFCN, which does not appear to have published any “fact-checking” articles since 2015. Follow an article’s supporting source links for verification and so on.

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