Hey, we've made some improvements! %PDF-1.5 %���� In an application package there should be TWO letters of reference, preferably from academic specialists in law who are familiar with your work and your scholarly capabilities. For example, say I have a 3.88 one year and 3.97 the next year. However, this information was obtained from an official Dalhousie University, Schulich School of Law FAQ page issued at the 2011 Law School Forum by Schulich Representatives on September 9, 2011. t:  902.494.3495   e:  [email protected], JD/Combined Degree Admissions: [email protected] [email protected] UWO Law student here. Normally it will be necessary to have: (i) attained at least the equivalent of a Dalhousie A- (3.7 GPA) average at the JD level; and International students who are interested in practising law in Canada should contact the National Committee on Accreditation. We offer an advanced graduate program in law leading to the PhD (Doctor of Philosophy in Law) to a small number of highly qualified candidates.

The reason for this is because we recognize the university and not the college. But then again, we are trusting board members to report accurate numbers and not what they hope to be accurate numbers. Contact an advisor for help with seeing what your GPA would be if repeating a course.

For example, if a student has not yet received grades for four classes (12 credit hours) in the final term of their degree, count back 16 courses (48 credit hours) -- ignoring the in-progress courses -- to generate an admission GPA. This defence shall be conducted in accordance with the Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations for Oral Examination of a Doctoral Candidate. The following websites can provide helpful guidelines when reviewing international application packages: Please Note: the Faculty of Graduate Studies uses a paid subscription to UK-NARIC and AACRO Edge as authoritative resources for information on international education systems and accredited universities. The coursework LLM option includes six courses (including directed research courses) that each conclude with a substantial written paper. In this situation, total the grades as listed and then add up the maximums to determine an overall percentage score (sum of grades / sum of maximums x 100). Our easy-to-use high school GPA calculator will help you calculate your GPA in just minutes. with credit hours are included in the required 60 credit hours but the calculation is based on a reduced number (ie: 19 courses not 20). Candidates from outside Canada whose native language is other than English will be required to pass an English language proficiency test (TOEFL, 600/250/100) (IELTS 7.5 or higher). It should also be noted that some funding sources are only available to thesis stream students. Both thesis and coursework LLM students are required to take the Graduate Seminar on Legal Education and Legal Scholarship (LAWS 3010/3020). It isn't a rumour. The Proposal should be sufficient to enable the Graduate Studies Committee to assess the suitability of the topic for development of the doctoral thesis, as well as the availability of supervisory resources and the capability of the applicant to undertake the project.

Letter grades have a numerical value, called a Grade Point Value, which is used to calculate your grade point average (GPA). Such a thesis would normally be 125-150 typescript pages in length (double-spaced). Preference will be given to applicants with established credentials in published scholarship of a professional calibre.

Minimum score: 149; The best LSAT scores will be considered; The LSAT must be taken before June to qualify for this application cycle. Under no circumstances shall any full-time PhD candidate be permitted to spend more than six hours per week in teaching activities and related preparations. Your official cumulative and term grade point averages are located on your Academic Record. The first is a combination of a thesis plus three courses.

GPA Domestic Transcripts If the grades are in letter form, convert each to a grade point using the following table: A+ 4.3 A 4 A- 3.7 B+ 3.3 B 3

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