I'm (impatiently) waiting for the next one to come out~ >w< *whilst biting my nails I should add*, I just re-read them over and over, and when Victor appears, I'm just like. He finds another letter addressed to him. Joining the vampire who called for his presence, Ferid. Remarking how strange, he tosses it into the wall to harmlessly explode. [9], Overseeing Chess interrogate Guren on how they acquired their weapons. He has parted maroon bangs and thick eyebrows, while the rest of his hair is dark brown. Like Ferid, he deems the teenagers lambs. Questioning whether Ferid is trying to die today, Crowley is requested to throw him down twenty-three degrees diagonally to the left of here. He says there are two beings in Guren's body, and they share their time in control.

With Ferid asking what he thinks of the point of killing Saitō, and that the father's duty is to teach the sons what the point of living is, Crowley replies that Ferid force fed him a vial of father's blood. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Ferid drives Crowley to hate him, using methods such as killing everyone who was important to him, and thus remember his face before force feeding him a vial of Saitō's blood to turn Crowley into a vampire. Yu battles with Crowley with the intent of rescuing Guren. Sensing it before seeing him, Crowley moves to defend Chess after Yu has crashed into the room and dashed towards her with his sword. Whether things are interesting seems to be an important motive for Crowley's actions and movements. [22] Once Saitō accepts Urd's offer of help, Crowley uses his sword to defend against the attacking second progenitor. So then, I wonder whose teaching you all these new magic tricks.” - Contemplating further the extent of the power the humans have acquired and how humans can wield it. He reveals he is actually taking them to Osaka Bay to rendezvous with Guren. Crowley brings up Ferid's previous comments about becoming buddy-buddy with Yu and Mika before jumping out of the car to chase after them. Voiced by It’s possible they have a hidden agenda.” - Another view to Horn voicing the likelihood of the humans attacking them out of blind loyalty to orders. Sounding disappointed, he feels this is turning into a such a pain after Shinoa squad escape with Yu.[10]. Crowley used to be a crusader in the 13th century and was considered a hero. Alive Resorting to now kill him if he attacks again. Unconcernedly noting Guren and Shinya have escaped. Portrayal Crowley asks why they are here, and that it is a good question when Basteya asks the same of him. [28] Pained by a loud window shattering scream, Crowley wonders whose is it. Crowley says Guren does not look like it, but Ferid says that Guren is a namanari.

Outside Shinjuku, blocking Gekkouin's fire. When his commander dies, he stops praying to God. He says the battle formation takes him back to when he was human.

Yu, shocked, asks himself why he still isn't strong enough.

[7], Gripping the manifestation of the Gekkouin weapon, not sure of what it is. The one who freaked out and almost killed a bunch of their troops. This stems from confidence in his own abilities rather than foolhardiness, he did tell Chess and Horn to be careful demonstrating wariness and a desire to keep them unharmed, and for Chess he did intervene to protect from Yu’s attack. On his feet again, Crowley cracks his head back into place and remarks that is better.

Ferid laughs, stating that it is a grand party. He looks on in shock upon discovering that Ferid's simple solution is to draw his sword and kill the person before the transformation is complete. With Horn asking whether they should join Crowley tells her not to worry, he can handle the both of them.

Yu tells Crowley he is surrendering, but Crowley says he is actually not after anything in particular himself. He looks up at Yu’s transformation into a creature with a large branched wing coming out his shoulder and approaches it, not knowing what it is only that it does not look good. Like all vampires, he has red eyes, fangs, and pointed ears. He speaks up, along with Horn and Chess, making small, irrelevant comments in between. Later at the battle at Nagoya Airport after Yu returns from losing control of his Seraph, Crowley sneaks up behind Krul to attack the Queen as a distraction. I guess I was a good distraction.” - After snapping his neck back into place he is surprised Ferid succeeded in rendering Krul unconscious.24.

We capture the commanders and seize the one who will have the most info, got it?” - His pleasant synergy with Chess and Horn in a re-evaluated plan to gain exceptionally valuable hostages. However, he hides his strength under Ferid's orders and is actually equal in strength to a Seventh Progenitor. He was not literally afraid, even with fellow nobles having been slain, he may as well have said “I’m afraid the livestock are powerful, what a shame they have to be culled.”), “I was just wondering who the puppet-master for this ambitious human operation might be. Technically Ferid made him a vampire and Crowley says does it not mean that Ferid is supposed to teach him, rather than Saitō. Crowley activates his sword when Yu intends to attack him with Asura Kannon and attacks, impressed that Yu can dodge the attack as he goes for another attack. AKA

Quiet, steady sound of the droplets hitting the ground were such a contrast to the amount of screams, shrieks and explosions which were filling up the air barely few hours ago. The humans knew their locations and he is positive that Ferid had something to do with this. Queen Krul Tepes and Ferid are suspected right away and Crowley trails off saying it could not be possible that a human is responsible. [26] Crowley is stood in the alley behind Urd and receives the sinful key thrown to him by Ferid who used Jigenso's portal to join them. Crowley orders Chess and Horn to restrain Guren and take him with them. Crowley fights against an onslaught of attacks noting it is hard. Fuola recognizes Crowley and says a thirteenth progenitor like him should be unable to touch a tenth. Chess and Horn counterattack and rip apart the shield Mitsuba forms with Tenjiryū. He jeers that he heard they were being attacked by a dangerous vampire, so he came to their rescue. A[1] Such a practice of considering improbable happenings (which are possible) keeps him ahead of the curve. Anime He has a black belt with a chain on the right side and his scabbard on the left. Thinking of the illusionary power that can affect a noble's brain. You’ve captured the queen, impressive. Race

Crowley first encounters a tan dark-haired vampire during the Crusades. He just wanted to see whether a human or vampire blade was stronger. Either way Guren is his now and Crowley requests Chess and Horn get him bound nice and tight whilst they wait for Ferid. Crowley sighs. In his human life, he was a former crusader. Crowley endures this attack before walking away unscathed. When fighting he will draw it out, often parrying, moving around slowly, and fighting by himself against more than one opponent. Crowley later says he joined Ferid Bathory's faction because Ferid always makes things interesting. [20] Indifferent after the explosion in the alley, after the dust has settled Crowley is in disbelief that Ferid was a prince as he continues to speak with Saitō.

Ferid questions Guren, who he has by the neck. Commenting that humans are dumb, Crowley questions if Yu realizes that if he attacks again, Crowley will not think twice about killing him.

He is pleased and says fighting will make waiting for Ferid less boring. The only reaction he has to Kimizuki is to tell him to wait, confused that he has thrown Yu into the coffin. He considers pulling back and asks if Mitsuba would release his leg. Coming across the silent aftermath of a vampire ambush on the retreating Moon Demon Company survivors, Crowley lifts up the head of Yayoi Endō. Dealing with another member of Guren's squad by grabbing Mito's leg. [3] When Crowley finally hunts Ferid down decades later, Crowley's human feelings have waned to the point where he does not recall why he wanted revenge on Ferid, and he becomes Ferid's comrade. Crowley looks forward to their arrival.

After, he was just wondering who the puppet-master for this ambitious human project might be.

Destroying the illusion produced by Goshi's Cursed Gear. Whilst being tactical and waiting for the humans to attack, he also guesses (correctly) that they have an ulterior mission. His fighting prowess stop what he is unfamiliar with from catching him off guard, whether it is spell tags, to a demon or cursed gear attack. is a Thirteenth Progenitor among vampires and a member of Seventh Progenitor Ferid Bathory's faction. First appearance Race

Yu nods along, and Crowley says that Yu does not know history after all. He asks inquisitively who their ally is that Ferid mentions, and again who "Mr. Namanari" boy is.

And here I was under the impression that I was your friend.” - Crowley was one such noble the humans attacked, and some views towards Ferid.23, “I’m not done yet!” - After attacking Krul with his sword and losing his arm because of it, and shortly before having his neck broken by her. Yu asks what is in there, and Crowley says he will tell them after they eat.

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