Lucas – Vocal, Lead Rapper, Face of the Group, Visual Justhis won't be promoting much in the future, so that basically leaves them to focus on IMJMWDP as a whole.

Million Market, H1GHR Music, AOMG, or P Nation would make the most sense for him. Korean Name: Ryu YangYang (류양양) Thank you , @aishahaq:disqus Thank you for the heads up, as much as we try, typos happen. WinWin – lead dancer, vocalist For up and coming khiphop labels that I think hope will make it big:. In the future are they going to be part of any other nct units? -Acute Sense: Vision -He participated in Hit The Stage

, 050919 yizhibo live The reason why they didn’t include the name NCT is related to the political (I think) problems between Korea and China. sub-rapper has a rap lines more than rapper or even lead rapper, that’s weird. I don’t know the exact date of the debut though, because there is not an official confirmation yet. And I don’t think we will got their real position from official, cuz they’re Chinese group that usually have only rapper, vocalist and dancer (not any main or lead from official). also in the “regular” choreo in the chorus and in the final position he’s always at the center, There’s some wrong informations: dance line is clearly composed by: Ten (main) and Winniw e Lucas (leads).

But he and Thurxday are super close, so either H1GHR or AOMG would make the most sense. 1. Instagram: @tenlee_1001. That doesn’t mean Lucas is a bad dancer, in fact I think he’s great, but if you compare Yangyang, someone who’s won competitions, to Lucas, someone who didn’t even get into his company by dancing, I’d say that the dance line is correct., Lucas We should stop assuming and spread the wrong information unless OFFICIALLY told otherwise.

I’m just asking, no intention to be hateful.

WinWin: thats why his profile said he was born in thailand, but have chinese ethnicity. Ten main vocal and Hendery lead rap in Come Back. When you’re in a Chinese group and your specialty is Traditional Chinese Dance and you still get “Lead Dancer” as your position……. -Ten is WinWin‘s English Teacher

How long has he been in nct and he’s getting this type of treatment just for trying to live his life???

he only has rap part less than Lucas and Yangyang, so if their are main rapper than he should be lead rapper with Hendery.

Thought I'd just start a discussion thread about upcoming labels you have your eye on, or any labels you'd like to see come to fruition.

i’m sorry for this long writing. Xiaojun’s favourite number is 8? Also if y’all haven’t seen he’s a crackhead and probably a dancer. -Likes: Babies, Dogs, Vacation, and NCTzens

where did you find that he has 3 sisters, what’s the source? Poll: Which VAV Choreography is your Favorite? so, do you mean he’s not part of dance line since he’s not getting a lot of screentime??? Well, NCT Dream’s positions were made when they debuted. And why are most of them rappers.

Height: 170 cm (5’7’’)

I’ve seen a lot of buzz and praise towards mostly XiaoJun out of the rookies for visuals., Ten: (Also when you go through immigration in China, Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan nationals is a separate line), You have some things that your right but Hong Kong and Macau are apart of People’s Republic of China while YangYang lived in Taiwan being apart of Republic of China. but they are special administrative regions so they all have completely different passports anyways.

That’s also why they’re also under Label V, a Chinese label. Yuta and Jimin are clearly main dancer in their group cuz they alway got killing part in their choreo, but Yangyang isn’t. These positions are just the speculations of the maintainer of this page after listening to Regular, Come Back and Dream Launch. Moreover, all of WayV always said since they debut until now that Ten is main dancer (and never mention to another members like this), doesn’t prove that only main dancer in WayV is Ten ?

WayV is NCT’s Chinese sub-unit and are under Label V, S.M’s Entertainment exclusive Chinese label, Ten is a lead vocal for sure. Kun is confirmed to be their leader in their recent QQ Live Stream! And why they introduce Ten & Kun as vocalist, got most of high note. ※ I couldn’t find any Hangul of Hendery’s stage name on their official SNS pages and channels, but from what I’ve seen so far, it’s mostly spelled as “헨드리” by Korean fans. I’m so sorry I don’t really care enough that I hurt your feelings tho I have sinned I will reflect on wrongdoings too. based on their choreo, main dancer is only Ten right now.

-Habits: “When reading a book, I suddenly speak out the lines” what i thought they haven’t debuted yet help me im kunfuse. Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Sub Rapper Oh, I see. ATM Seoul - Which is under Million Market, but I think Coogie has more than enough appeal to make ATM stand out of its own.

Buckle up folks because Take Off will definitely go hard and we’ll have bops for days. i was replying to someone else. I guess, he won’t be a visual group … Ten – 疼 (Same for both Simplified and Traditional), 텐, ตน (Thai characters because he’s Thai ethnically Chinese)

He is Thai. She reminds me a bit of old school Zion T, with a more experimental vibe. -Education: The Central Academy of Drama

-Ten can play piano and the guitar

-He’s friends with GOT7‘s Bambam Kun: I knew he only has an older sister

1. yes i know got7 is a kpop group but like wayv they have 7 members, got7 only has one main dancer (yugyeom) KOZ - It's too early to judge KOZ now, but I'm pretty sure Zico will focus heavily on khiphop, with inspirations like AOMG or Amoeba Culture since he left Seven Seasons for this.

Other than that, I'm not sure. There needs to be more hiphop labels because there still aren't enough.. and AOMG hasn't been doing a good job signing talented artists. you said johnny’s height limits his movement. 3., Xiaojun 2. Lead vocal : Kun Ten Dance:


-He entered the S.M. Sm knows who are the strong dancers and who aren’t.

and that the vision/regular/dream launch was just a pre-debut??? moreover, most of rap lines in Dream Launch was sing by him (and Yangyang), maybe you just can’t recognize his voice. fyi: none of these things I said are stated facts, but only a pattern that I noticed in other groups, I can totally be wrong tbh.

• XIAOJUN Ten does this a lot. Bewhy's Label? i don’t know if a wybh label would ever work plus it’s a lot more than just having talented artists together, there’s also a business side. winwin, hendery & johnny are lead dancers.

-It was announced on December 31, 2018 that he would debut in WayV Instead of saying Ethnically: Chinese, why not just write, Ethnicity: Chinese or if you really want to use the word ethnically, just write, “He is ethnically Chinese but grew up in Thailand.”. It’s suspected to be sometime in May. -Update: Kun, YangYang and Xiao Jun are currently roommates. Edit: Xiaojun was on a Chinese survival show called X-Fire.

-Habits: Dancing while walking Winwin position is Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist,Rapper&Visual

Hendery: lead dancer, lead rapper

Yangyang won a dance competition in Düsseldorf when he was younger tho, and Lucas got into SM through posing and NOT dancing.

Yangyang: 扬扬, it seems there are typos or misspellings on some members’ names (likely due to copy-paste errors), so I just want to help correct them. Like, is it really that big of a deal? NCT 5.

Watch some RainbowV videos if you haven’t already.

The fact is that a lot of people love Kun but have him as their second bias that’s why he doesn’t get more votes. 90.9k Followers, 12 Following, 93 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from OFFONOFF / Colde and 0channel (@realoffonoff)

i’m so happy winwin’s near the top of the poll :’), Someone posted their IG story of them supporting Hendery n I saw their usernames. However, some members have also had some other songs with other NCT units.

-Likes: Nature, Art, Music, Mark Lee (NCT 2018 Spring Fan Party) hello its me again. By Continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies. Winwin I’ll link the source as soon as I find it.

Lucas-Position: Main Rapper , Face of The Group.

They've been promoting for a few years and are super underrated. 2.

-Education: Shrewsbury International School

But I just felt weird when I heard they want to debut it with SMROOKIES & Ten. He can’t look at them and thinks they’re scary.

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