This, of course, helps breeders now looking for smaller horses, as they sometimes occur naturally. and he is the epitome of a Gypsy Vanner in looks.

When she joined Facebook and created her group, she was able to connect with these other enthusiasts.. As time passed, I have switched up every few years the stallion I have used, as I found purebred stock that was smaller (12.3 hand The Executive and then 11.3 hand Wyatt). Gypsy Sport filly …, Horse ID: 2185714 • Photo Added/Renewed: 02-Nov-2020 11AM, Horse ID: 2185168 • Photo Added/Renewed: 23-Oct-2020 3PM, Horse ID: 2175204 • Photo Added/Renewed: 07-Aug-2020 12PM, Horse ID: 2185662 • Photo Added/Renewed: 31-Oct-2020 3PM, Horse ID: 2185534 • Photo Added/Renewed: 29-Oct-2020 12PM, Horse ID: 2185022 • Photo Added/Renewed: 21-Oct-2020 2PM, Horse ID: 2174074 • Photo Added/Renewed: 07-Oct-2020 7PM, Horse ID: 2183933 • Photo Added/Renewed: 06-Oct-2020 4PM, Horse ID: 2183163 • Photo Added/Renewed: 25-Sep-2020 11AM, Horse ID: 2183097 • Photo Added/Renewed: 23-Sep-2020 6PM, Horse ID: 2135777 • Photo Added/Renewed: 22-Sep-2020 2PM, Horse ID: 2181202 • Photo Added/Renewed: 31-Aug-2020 6PM, Horse ID: 2154101 • Photo Added/Renewed: 27-Aug-2020 1PM, Horse ID: 2180177 • Photo Added/Renewed: 18-Aug-2020 12PM, Horse ID: 2178156 • Photo Added/Renewed: 23-Jul-2020 1PM, Horse ID: 2177358 • Photo Added/Renewed: 13-Jul-2020 12PM, Horse ID: 2176992 • Photo Added/Renewed: 09-Jul-2020 11AM, Horse ID: 2154324 • Photo Added/Renewed: 08-Jul-2020 4PM, Horse ID: 2171675 • Photo Added/Renewed: 02-May-2020 10AM, Horse ID: 2171103 • Photo Added/Renewed: 21-Apr-2020 8PM, Horse ID: 2185449 • Ad Created: 27-Oct-2020 12AM, Horse ID: 2185160 • Ad Created: 22-Oct-2020 5PM, Horse ID: 2185158 • Ad Created: 22-Oct-2020 5PM, Horse ID: 2185138 • Ad Created: 22-Oct-2020 12PM, Horse ID: 2184752 • Ad Created: 17-Oct-2020 7AM, Horse ID: 2184454 • Ad Created: 13-Oct-2020 4AM, Horse ID: 2182209 • Ad Created: 12-Sep-2020 12AM, Horse ID: 2181990 • Ad Created: 09-Sep-2020 9AM, Horse ID: 2181989 • Ad Created: 09-Sep-2020 9AM, Horse ID: 2181568 • Ad Created: 03-Sep-2020 9PM, Horse ID: 2180936 • Ad Created: 26-Aug-2020 1PM, Horse ID: 2180341 • Ad Created: 19-Aug-2020 1PM, Wanted: Calm horse for therapeutic riding, Horse ID: 2180055 • Ad Created: 15-Aug-2020 9PM, Horse ID: 2179587 • Ad Created: 10-Aug-2020 9AM, Horse ID: 2179248 • Ad Created: 05-Aug-2020 5PM, Horse ID: 2178773 • Ad Created: 30-Jul-2020 7PM, Horse ID: 2178055 • Ad Created: 21-Jul-2020 1PM, Horse ID: 2176785 • Ad Created: 06-Jul-2020 3PM, Horse ID: 2176570 • Ad Created: 03-Jul-2020 2PM, Horse ID: 2174668 • Ad Created: 10-Jun-2020 1PM.

Miniature horses. The Bryans are not mere friends anymore, but family. 5191 N Chester Rd I will be striving to produce ever smaller, well feathered young stock. Image source: Ashlet Bulmer, owner. U.K. purebred filly, 10hh, 3 years old. The Traveller’s Horse, aka Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy Cob, Irish Cob, was created in Ireland up to 200 yrs ago.

It was love at first sight. A Breed In The Making: The Miniature Gypsy Horse. At this time, I am re-focusing my program and using my own good small stallions that I have produced, with six purebred Gypsies, unrelated mares in the 50” range.

And, even more notable, is the famous Galway Boy, whom Joseph Delaney of Ireland just sold to Christine Cantrill of Australia. She is the administrator of the Mini Gypsy Horse Facebook Group . So, I contacted Melanie Block, owner of Bellbottom Farm in Illinois. I jokingly said something to one of the mini horse owners at the show, and she said she wanted one too! He is just 9.2hh (that’s 38 inches!) WillowWind Stable has dedicated this caravan to The Bryans and their history. Gypsy Vanner. The Traveller’s Horse, aka Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy Cob, Irish Cob, was created in Ireland up to 200 yrs ago. She became aware that in the United Kingdom and Ireland, many farms were producing feathered, pony-sized stock.

The history of the breed also includes the history of the people. For her, it started with kid’s ponies.

Image source: Sam Wheatfield, owner.

They used exceptional smaller stallions, such as the Dooley Horse on wagon mares 14 hand range and over. Dream Horse Classifieds, LLC Image soruce: Larrywalmart – Own work, CC BY 3.0, “What I believe in is using at least 34 inch mares with generous pelvic construction, with a Mini Gypsy stallion that is hopefully within two hands of the mare height. So size is very much a consideration when it comes to breeding. Payments ok …, Gypsy/Arabian Stud colt--GypsyArabian Weanling Filly …, Big beautiful Half Gypsy mare. The breedings that are happening are carefully down to not just keep the traits, but to make sure genetic diversity is maintained and that foals are born healthy to health mothers. Up to 14.2hh short, stocky, compact ponies used for pulling working flat carts.

For example, Fred Walker from the United Kingdom has a 12hh stallion name Valentino. Block suggests finding a stallion smaller than your mare. When so many of the bigger feathered breed quality Cobs were being sold to people around the globe, savvy Romany/Tinker breeders were starting to focus on special smaller ponies.

Image source: Melanie Block. Image source: Christine Cantrill, Owner. Her farm started that year as Bohemian Gypsy Cob Ponies.

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