This 25-acre former rock quarry in Rolla has a 60-foot waterslide, as well as 15- and 20-foot cliff jumps. They could not stop ogling over the young girls in” more, “We made sure to go at low tide, but while the view was beautiful, there were no tide pools. This easy floating spot is just as easy to access by the maintained road. It is a great location to go cliff diving with superb views and great cliffs!

Head over with a few foldable Adirondack chairs and post up by the water's edge. Parks (858) 581-9982. Kilgore Falls.

There is absolutely no reason you should not visit these places if you are not daring enough, as there are lots of other things you can do there. There are also rentals, volleyball, and Ricky Bobby’s Beach Bar & Grill. High Rocks Park. You will get wet, either from standing too close to the falls or from jumping rocks to cross the stream that intersects your” more. The view of Mt.

It is just a short drive from the valley. According to glowing consumer reviews and my own personal experience, here are some of the best locations to cliff-jump off the western edge of Europe. Tire yourself out? There’s nothing like a refreshing dip on a hot summer day. Coconino National Forest — 1 hour, 40 minutes away, A ten-mile hike is what it takes to get to the 70-degree blue and turquoise waters of Havasu Falls.

1253 Sunset Cliffs Blvd.

For around $60 per person, local guides will typically fully outfit you with a warming wetsuit, safety helmet, protective gloves, water shoes, a mega life jacket and an exhilarating -- and probably exhausting (in a good way) -- itinerary. People who don't wear masks, throw toys, food, kites and plastic containers off the cliffs, are idiots.

It's a little more than two hours from Portland, but the drive there is as scenic as the trail itself.

Splilt Rock Falls. All rights reserved. The crisp, clear waters make Fossil Creek an epic spot for your next weekend getaway.

In addition, there are stairs that lead down to the beach area where you can enjoy little cliffs and beaches. 1.

There’s no age limit and it’s definitely not just for kids.

Think a thick forest of old-growth fir and cedar, plus wildflowers in the summer. Over the border in the Republic of Ireland, if you really want to go out of your way to the most uninhabited and unspoiled areas in all of the island, look no further than County Donegal. This place is great for cliff jumping, and it’s the best sunbathing spot. If you're not a strong swimmer, only go as deep as you can stand — the undercurrent here can be fierce. So, even on the busiest days, you'll be able to find a quiet spot to hang out by the water. Camp Verde, AZ — 2 hours away **Warning: Beware flash floods during monsoon season, as some of these spots can be extremely dangerous. This swimming spot is only 30 minutes from the city and features a three-mile stretch of beachy shoreline along the Columbia River. Virtual Tours of Museums, Historic Sites, Theme Parks, and More Right from Your Couch, Cliff, I did. Wilson River is subject to big crowds and heavy use, but once you go you’ll know why. If you can’t recall the last time you were in pure awe of something, go directly to Scout Lake.

There are also rentals, volleyball, and Ricky Bobby’s Beach Bar & Grill. Nestled in one of Europe's finest and most untouched coastal landscapes, Primarily known for its big-wave surfing, Mullaghmore in County Sligo is both extreme and abundant when it comes to coasteering. A few miles east of Northern Ireland's spectacular Benone Strand, part of one of the island's longest beaches, you'll find near-ideal coasteering conditions when jumping with. This riverside trail will take you past several stunning natural swimming holes. For the less daring, you’ll be relax in the cool pools of the falls while taking in the serene forest-green surroundings. Adding a business to Yelp is always free. Palouse Falls, LaCrosse . Cliff diving (cliff jumping) is a dangerous sport and all precautions must be taken.

Lake Pleasant Regional Park — 1 hour away, Just south of the small town of Winslow, you can find McHood Park.

4. And just so you know, you’ll have to scale down the cliff face using chains and ladders. Fish, cliff jump, and swim at these three spots. I was one of them recently, and after jumping into the uncertain abyss, I came away with the undisputed highlight from a week-long trip to the fabled island -- not to mention newfound respect for the power of the sea. Cliff-jumping into the Atlantic: Ireland's best coasteering spots .

When you're finished, consider soaking up the fairytale good looks of nearby Connemara National Park. Rebel review: 4” more. No need to bring any gear, the water will act as your crash pad.

Best case scenario: you have a friend with a boat.

20 Laie Point, Hawaii, USA – Featured in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Desert life means high heat and a strong desire to plunge into any crisp body of water to cool off. Before you visit any of these places, make sure that you understand the risks.

Hood is unreal.

Camp Verde, AZ  — 2 hours away, **Warning:  Beware flash floods during monsoon season, as some of these spots can be extremely dangerous. Supai, AZ — 4 hours away, If you rather not deal with crowds at Slide Rock, you may prefer Grasshopper Point. Pristine Buck Lake is only 70-ish miles from downtown, so it's a solid choice for a last-minute day trip.

The best part? Getting a permit means camping right on the creek and swimming all day! Once known as “Smiley Face,” Pacman Cliff is located on the Yakima River near Ellensburg off State Route 821. Be especially careful under moderate or high-water conditions. 920. This place is great for cliff jumping, and it’s the best sunbathing spot. It was essentially a bunch of cliffs over some rocks, and the closest thing we saw” more, “ personally would have been uncomfortable if I had small kids with me as it was very obvious, but now I know :).

Meet you there? So go ahead — bring your inflatable swan and float all day. Others have altered the rest of their lives due to injuries obtained from cliff diving. Wander up or downstream to discover new whirlpools and shady spots to hang a hammock. This 25-acre former rock quarry in Rolla has a 60-foot waterslide, as well as 15- and 20-foot cliff jumps.

If someone told you to jump into an often tumultuous and always frigid North Atlantic Ocean from a 30-foot-high cliff in.

Getting to the pool at the bottom of this 200-foot waterfall is an adventure itself. Very relaxing experience to spend with my family!” more. This spot tends to fall under the radar, and we’re glad for that. Not far from Portland, the Sandy River at Oxbow Regional Park offers plenty of real estate for you to enjoy. The real gem is Wet Beaver Creek, and, specifically, “The Crack” swimming hole — a mini-oasis amongst the rocky terrain. Supai, AZ — 4 hours away, Sitting just outside Camp Verde, Bull Pen has slow moving water, cliff jumping points, and a beach entry. Most Portland natives won’t go a summer without visiting Jefferson Park at least once. But the chilly waters and gushing waterfall is the ultimate reward. It's also one of our favorite places to swim.

Get the latest news on Phoenix’s fitness scene. Three Cliffs Bay, on the south coast of the Gower Peninusla, near Swansea is just such …

314-918-3000. Thanks to its tall, rocky banks, this is one of the best cliff jumping spots near Portland. Oh, and prepare for crowds on the weekends. Sort: Recommended.

And if you want to do more than swim, this is also a great place to go kayaking. All rights reserved. …

You can climb behind the waterfall and jump off the top (at your own risk), but the adventuring doesn’t stop there.

Elk Neck State Park. It's also one of our favorite places to swim.

The Off-Sets is located in Mine La Motte in Southeast Missouri.

$10 adults, $6 children. For maximum adrenaline from high-jumping cliffs, head to Mullaghmore proper.

Just because your friends dare you to jump is no reason to do so. It’s time to hit up the best swimming holes in Phoenix. Michael Matti / Flickr. Coconino National Forest — 2 hours away, If you make it to Havasupai Falls, Mooney is just a short hike downstream. Open daily 10 a.m.–6 p.m. May 26–September 4. Heads up: the name Buck Lake comes from Buck Naked — some hikers and swimmers decide to go au natural.

Half of Rooster Rock is a nude beach.

Some coasteering spots have everything you could hope for. Get the latest news on Portland’s fitness scene. There are a few ways to get there, but the Eagle Creek Trail is the most straight forward.

Caney Fork Gorge is a popular place for fun on the water — Photo courtesy of daveoratox via Flickr. Need a swimming break? I really enjoy the view and the beautifulness of the cliff with the sound of the waves. On a hot day, you can bet a handful of Portlanders are dipping their bare feet in the emerald waters of Lower Lewis River Falls. All. And let us just say this 100-foot waterfall is totally bucket list worthy. A Moth to the Flame The story of Amys struggle with. This water feature is, in fact, a natural slide carved in the red rocks of Sedona. And trust us — you don’t want to miss it! Situated on the northwest corner of County Galway, Connemara is a hotbed for Irish coasteering. If not, you don’t have to miss out. The reservoir is an incredible hangout spot on the weekend, especially for thrill-seekers. Open Now. In truth, coasteering in Ireland is a lot safer, less extreme and more enjoyable than it sounds. After all, you can never be too prepared for The Big Float, the annual swimming and floating event that takes place here every year. Seek a permit when required.**. Round up the crew and form a ‘float-tilla,’ a large circular group of connected floats, and lounge on the water all afternoon.

It’s an old quarry with water over 50 feet deep and cliffs up to 50 feet high. From County Cork in the southern peninsulas to the cliff coasts of Kerry, Clare and Galway in the middle, and then all the way up to County Donegal and Northern Ireland's timeless Giant's Causeway, nearly two dozen guiding companies provide coasteering tours around much of the island. We got to kayak inside of some cool caves, we saw some sea lions, leopard sharks, we even saw two dolphins splashing& jumping around in” more, “ past it when in La Jolla.

You'll have to walk about half a mile from where you park to get there, and tackle about 800 feet of elevation gain. And who would have thought that something as straightforward as coasteering could emerge as the most unexpected, intimidating and thrilling way to get your feet wet? Castor River Shut-Ins / 1 hour 44 minute drive.

St. Louis, MO 63119 “What a beautiful spot! Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. But this iconic waterfall and swimming spot is worth the hype. Use common sense.

Chances are you know Punchbowl Falls from Instagram and social media photos. There are plenty of safe places to jump at Steelhead Falls, but cliff jumping has its risks.

Ocean Beach “Another beautiful spot to watch sunset in San Diego. There's a frisbee golf course and a two-mile hiking trail with awesome views of the river. Outdoor Space. This swimming hole is so epic, words can do it justice. except the whole jumping out of planes thing. But don't worry — it's completely separate from the clothing required section.

The hike to this waterfall swimming hole is also awesome.

Price .

Table Rock Lake.

It gets super busy, so the best time to go is on a weekday.
Lucky for us, there are several great swimming spots with some of the most picturesque sights in Arizona. I must admit the Army training was the most exciting... and that's coming from a career…. Missouri’s only known pink granite shut-ins are located in the Amidon Memorial Conservation Area, just east of Fredericktown. Escape to this swimming hole for a peaceful swim or some fishing.

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