What is their favorite show?

CS is the periodic symbol for cesium and I is the symbol for Iodine. Can you come up with a cool, funny or clever Chemistry Riddles of your own? Barium! What element derives from a Norse god?

CSI. If Iron Man and Silver Surfer teamed up, they'd be alloys. If you can't helium, and you can't curium, then you might as well barium.

Because it was a polar bear. A one molar solution. What do chemists call a benzene ring where the carbon atoms are replaced with iron atoms? The neutron asks, "Are you sure?" What is the chemical formula of coffee? What show do cesium and iodine love to watch together? Use the following code to link this page: Water. and he died. Na. I asked the guy next to me if he had any sodium hypobromite. Feel free to use content on this page for your website or blog, we only ask that you reference content back to us. Which coin touches the bottom first? asks the neutron.The shopkeeper replies, "For you? However, once a person's body becomes dependent on this chemical, prolonged separation from this chemical can cause death. He subsisted on titrations.

What did one titration say to the other? I've got my ion you. Does anyone know any jokes about sodium? pretty much the same. Carbon. BaNa2. Yeah, I know that was sodium funny! CsI. What emotional disorder does a gas chromatograph suffer from? Used In Chemistry Riddle I contain more than 100 things but Im not pieces in a jigsaw puzzle I contain metals but Im not a car I contain hydrogen and oxygen but Im not water

In Bucket A, the temperature of the water is at 25 degrees C. In Bucket B, the temperature of the water is at 25 degrees F. You drop a coin into each bucket from the same height and they hit the water at exactly the same time. Polar Bond. Florence Flask was preparing to attend the opera. Help me look for it." HeHe, A neutron walks into a shop and says,"I'd like a coke. H2O cubed, What is the chemical formula for sea water? "The shopkeeper serves up the coke. Can you come up with a cool, funny or clever Chemistry Riddles of your own? CoFe2, What is the chemical formula for a banana? Riddles in science have bewildered mankind for hundreds of years. I wish to apologize for not having more chemistry jokes, but I only add them periodically. Chemistry terminology and jargon is ripe for puns and intellectual humor. A list of ten (out of 210) chemistry related questions that are the most often answered incorrectly. A note was also found with the body: ’26-3-58/28-27-57-16′. Why do chemists enjoy working with ammonia? He was booked for a salt and battery. When it gets hot, it will combine with anything! H2O is water and H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide.

What is the chemical formula for "coffee"? Science Riddles, Puzzles & Brain Teasers. Q: Why do chemists call helium, curium, and barium the medical elements?A: Because if you can't helium or curium, you barium! table sugar has much more calories. Who are the killers? Helium walks into a bar. Solve fun Chemistry Riddles!

Thorium. aspartame has no calories at all. What is it? Which has more calories: table sugar or aspartame? They know it was a two man job. No one does anything about it because the chemical is water. OH SNaP! Chemistry Jokes and Puns With Explanations, Yes, There Are Chemistry Jokes and They Are Funny, How to Make Water From Hydrogen and Oxygen, What Is an Element in Chemistry?

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