This makes the piston travel further down in the cylinder (this is where you get the increased displacement). Expect to pay more if the bike is in cosmetically very good condition, or if there are extensive, well made engine modifications. document.write('Jarmo Kaila') Don't use silicone sealant on the top end rebuild. Shift lever splines are the same as many other bikes. The biggest displacement anybody pushed the TL in the past that I've personally heard of is 199cc (=65.5mm bore x 59.0mm stroke). Sticking clutch is a common phenomena experienced by many bikes with wet clutches, but TL seems to be especially sensitive. Bob Ginder: i'm looking at putting a 200cc (with balancing shaft) in my 125. Honda has long held that a cylinder liner must have sufficient thickness to withstand on its own considerable loading; this is because at operating temperatures the liner is essentially retained only at the flange and more or less floats freely along its length. Is it the same engine For more discussion on this issue see item 7.

I am thinking of putting in XL250 engine into the bike to get some more power and torque. 5) Are there any companies in Besides some minor dimensional differences, the main difference (to me anyway) is that the frame mount lug on top of the heads is located in different places on the two heads.

A big bore kit obviously helps. If you experience any difficulties in stalling the bike in slow speed sections you may want to try retarding the ignition. You have to "unscrew" the tightener to tighten cam chain (manual just tells you to "turn the tightener until resistance is felt"). To address the triple clamp offset issue I actually changed the whole front end for a unit from mid 70s Yamaha TY250. If you are interested in MC oils see QuackFAQ for a good article on MC oils. 5.) 6) Since the engine seems to be the weakest part (performance wise, not on reliability) of the TL125 package tell me a little bit more about the available engine modifications? Powroll Inc The nut is torqued pretty tight and it won't come out with needle nose pliers without ruining the pliers and damaging the nut (don't ask). Motion Pro also makes this tool as their part #08-015. how do you rate the zongshen engine? Easiest improvement is raising the fork tubes up in the triple clamps. For more info see the Story of the Big Bore TL.

Address: Bashley Manor, Bashley Cross Road, New Milton, BH25 5SZ, England

Would love some feed back off anyone who may have done this engine change before.

e-mail: [email protected] See in the pic below the older one-piece head has the mount lug towards the front (just under the Honda badge). You can also put the stroker with either one of the bore kits (135cc w/ stroker = 160cc, 145cc w/stroker = 175cc). These have cast-in liners, are heavier construction and have more fin area.

The early 2-piece heads have the 'proper' top-mounting point. Speed & Sport has commissioned a batch of fiberglass replicas of the original TL125 fenders. Also, currently fitted inthe bike is a CB100 engine complete, also with a 2 piece head. Other things - hardweld mid to top end cam - we regrind your stock cam, oversize header with supertrapp - down pipe, heavy duty valve springs - recommended for race engines using our cam. The THUMPER mailing list [email protected] is home to some TL owners and lively conversation on single cylinder four stroke motorbikes. 3) Are other parts on the bike from other bikes (besides the immediate "family" of Hondas)?


7May use CB750 liner in 125 block. It was an older thread of yours where I learned about a 125 build up.

Here is the bike I will put it in. Address: 4211 SW Mountain Pkwy, P.O.Box 920, Redmond, OR 97756 61146CB750CB550*/750Special/1853, 4 At least 1997/1998 such unusual items as rear shocks (w/o springs), fork tubes, seat covers and side covers were still available. Here is a list of some companies that seem to have considerable experience with the TL125: 12) What resources are available on the net? Please find the photos attached of the XL250 engine… I've received a lot of e-mails about modifications people used to do to TL's, seems that in the mid to late 70's a lot of people tinkered with the TL.

Probably about 25% more horsepower, and 30% more torque than stock. ShapeShifter, August 26, 2010 in Vintage Dirt Bikes. Lots of parts, spares and accessories. Then Bob Ginder of B&J Racing performed his "knurling" on the plates and I haven't had to touch the clutch since. Jarmo Kaila: Other things - hardweld mid to top end cam - we regrind your stock cam, oversize header with supertrapp - down pipe, heavy duty valve springs - recommended for race engines using our cam. For a comprehensive write-up on the subject of gasoline plese see autos/gasoline-faq. There are two different two-piece heads - early models (~76 - ~79?) The nut is torqued pretty tight and it won't come out with needle nose pliers without ruining the pliers and damaging the nut (don't ask). TL125 is so new bike that your friendly local Honda dealer < grin > should be able to help you with most of your standard parts needs. For example, MSR part #07-0735 for YA-5 (for CR-80) makes a nice folding tip shift lever after a little bit of bending. I can't notice any loss of top end from the retarded ignition (now even tried to compare on 4th gear WOT hill, less difference than I could time with a stopwatch). Fax: +01425 619 696 8) Any must-have accessories and/or modifications? Proper caution must be excercised if trying to attempt cam/piston swaps … Wit a big bore mill the engine braking naturally increases, this takes some getting used to. B&J Racing also makes custom control cables and custom foam air filters. TL has no oil filter. They also have in stock grey plastic universal fenders, the Sammy Miller front fender mount, and various other trials accessories (h'bars, grips, twistgrips, chain tensioners, tires, etc.) There were also a number of cosmetic changes, such as silver frame, black hubs etc. This makes the piston travel further down in the cylinder (this is where you get the increased displacement). I do everything with it, but it seems a bit too flexy for a 250. the US or elsewhere that sell hop-ups, additions, etc? Web-page:

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