A military soldier, Adam received his powers from the Quantum Field after a government project, and became a superhero and member of the Justice League. — Green Arrow[1]. The original Captain Atom was named Allen Adam, and he was from an alternate earth known as Earth-Four, he was the Pre-Crisis … One Year Later, Captain Atom is revealed to be contained inside Blüdhaven and used to administer radiation treatments to metahumans. The Atom has been played in various TV series by Alfie … [4] His power was also essential to contain the radiation leak caused by Task Force X when they infiltrated the Watchtower.[5]. Everyone had assumed that Nathaniel Adam had died on the day of the experiment, so his presidential pardon was never issued and the current government refused to acknowledge the previous administration's promised pardon. He was given a choice: a death sentence, or participation in a potentially fatal experiment sitting at ground zero of a nuclear explosion encased in an alien metal, in the hope of testing the metal's properties. He didn't understand why everyone thought Batman was the best superhero and felt he shouldn't be in the Justice League. There was also a limit to the amount of energy he was able to absorb. He acquired super strength, flight, and energy blast projection. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Pieces of the aliens metal body were used in the Captain Atom Project, Project Major Force and similar projects thereafter.
The Captain survived the conflict, so it is logical to infer that Captain Atom remained with the organization following Darkseid's disappearance.[10].
1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Applications 4 Associations 5 Limitations 6 Known Users 7 Known Objects 8 Gallery Atom Manipulation Atomkinesis The user can control atoms, the building blocks of matter. -Near Superman level super strength and invulnerability, -Energy projection, manipulation, and absorption. He didn't understand why everyone thought Batman was the … The Captain possessed the abilities of flight up to speeds approaching Mach 2, super-strength, energy absorption, and energy manipulation on a level sufficient to put up a decent fight against Superman himself, but Atom was … Superman then collected Captain Atom and took him to the Watchtower, where he could recover under the watchful eye of the League's medical and science staff. Pieces of the alien's metal body were used in the Captain Atom Project, Project Major Force and similar projects thereafter. Atom's symbiosis with the metal is such that even partially armored he is able to access the Quantum Field. Captain Atom stepped down from his Justice League duties and was soon ordered to stop Superman and the Huntress from taking the captive Question out of a Cadmus facility. With these powers, Adam became Captain Atom. He was able to muster enough strength to blast a few clones while Supergirl fought Galatea, solidifying his loyalty to the League over the United States Military.

When DC Comics acquired the Charlton characters in the 1980s, Captain Atom was slowly integrated into the DC Universe. When the "Justice Battalion" (a dark alternate-future version of the JL) attacks the aged and withered Parasite, the reluctant villain desperately strikes out at Captain Atom—violently rupturing the Captain's skin and causing a nuclear holocaust that wipes out much of the American Midwest. The character of Captain Atom was the inspiration for the character Doctor Manhattan who was featured in the … He discusses his time in the Wildstorm Universe, and his desire to visit other alternate worlds. Apart from a brief mention of her at the beginning of L.A.W., the marriage appears to be forgotten. After being fitted with an updated version of the Monarch armor (Armageddon 2001) to contain his radiation, the Captain awakens. ~ Atom lamenting the gravity of his powers: Summary. Captain Atom seems to be able to feel some level of pain and fatigue despite his apparent lack of a human body. [1] A serious rupture could cause fatalities and property damage within a fairly large radius if Captain Atom did not move to a safe distance. Captain Atom, for all his might, was plagued by an arrogant, cocky, and self-serving attitude. The relentless hero with a profound sense of duty and patriotism. Monarch manages to sway Forerunner to his side, turning her against the Monitors. Captain Atom also had a romantic relationship with Plastique which may explain his interactions with these characters in the show. For other uses of the word "Atom", see. Nathaniel chose the experiment. Upon his initial return from the Quantum Field, Nathaniel Adam was the classic "man out of his time".

However, though acknowledging Captain Atom's valiant effort, Superman merely made sure that Huntress and Question had time to escape before he was forced to incapacitate Captain Atom. Captain Atom (real name Nathaniel Christopher "Nate" Adam), is a fictional superhero from Charlton comics, and later DC comics. Nathaniel is able to coat himself with the metal, either partially or totally. They can manipulate matter on an atomic level, and the energy associated with it. Captain's stiff persona is not well received. Sub-power ofPhysics Manipulation and Subatomic Manipulation. Powers. Captain Atom was returned to the DC Universe in Infinite Crisis when Superboy-Prime punctured his Earth-8 counterpart Breach. Around this time various adventures reintroduced Atom's conflict between his role in the superhero community and his responsibilities as a government agent. Monarch is now paranoid, and unwilling to share details of his past to his "subordinates", the Earth-30 Superman and Earth-40 Batman are able to discern that under the Monarch armor lies another Captain Atom, so they employ his other counterparts Breach and Quantum-Storm to assemble an army of Captain Atoms from the different dimensions to fight back. The hero garnered enemies like Major Force but he also took part in public service announcements with two child actors named Chris and Kyle. The hero garnered enemies like Major Force but he also took part in public service announcements with two child actors named Chris and Kyle. Atom/Adam served under Eiling reluctantly, while succeeding in clearing his name. The Captain indicates that he is traveling through The Bleed in order to operate outside the gaze of the Monitors. Monarch argues that the Monitors are genocidal overlords who must be defeated; however, the Monitors assert that Monarch is a supervillain whose plan is to cause a Multiversal war which will leave him the ruler of the unified Earth remaining in its wake. Dilustel Armor: Captain Atom's metallic shell, or "skin", is composed of a portion of the alien being known as Silver Shield, and is called Dilustel.

[6] He was compelled to fight Superman hand-to-hand, and by controlling red-sun radiation, Captain Atom managed to amplify the impact of his blows against the Kryptonian. Captain Atom took part in several of the League's missions, namely the first line of defense against Amazo,[2] the fight against Mordru,[3] and the alien nanotechnologic invasion. Captain Atom also figures prominently in the acclaimed series Kingdom Come. Former Justice League International Members, http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Nathaniel_Adam_(New_Earth), http://www.comicvine.com/captain-atom/29-2050/, https://bluebeetleandboostergold.fandom.com/wiki/Captain_Atom?oldid=5935, In 1991, Captain Atom was canceled with #57, as Atom was slated to become the hero-turned-villain. Pieces of the aliens metal body were used in the Captain Atom Project, Project Major Force and similar projects thereafter. Regaining coherence in 1986, Adam found himself a man out of his time and in the hands of Eiling, now a general and the second husband of Adam's now-deceased wife.

Later in 1999, he was a member of the group L.A.W.. The breached containment suit.

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