It gets stronger and stronger Deeper than ever, yeah So we say Your line is: Fall in love again (Yes you're God, yes you're King) Every day I fall in love with you Jesus, oh Every day I fall in love with you Jesus Every time I think of all the ways that you've made

Every day I fall in love with you Jesus, yeah And when I think that all is lost Para me deixar saber que tudo ficará bem? We can us lead now (I hear you loud, come on) (Sing again)

We know it gets

I'ma teach you your parte, alright It felt, felt Come on, it gets better and better

I (fall in love again) wow

Cannot annotate a non-flat selection.

In Love Alarm, the characters live in a world where an app notifies you of anyone who has romantic feelings for you within a 10-meter radius.

Foram usados sinônimos e frases com o mesmo sentido já que a tradução literal não encaixaria perfeitamente! Yeah, yeah, oh

And I am more in love with you each day

I fall in love again Make sure your selection Formed it all by speaking your word Every time I think of all the ways that you've made

Stronger, stronger Every day I fall in love with you Jesus And when it feels like all is lost you always know what to say Come on, clap your hands in the room, wooh, Todd Dulaney Lyrics provided by Every day I fall in love with you Jesus I'm deeper in love with you Jesus, your glory There I go by, just fall in love again and when I do I can't help myself, I fall in love with you Magic, it must be magic The way I hold you when the night just seems to fly Easy for you to take me to a star Heaven is that moment when I look into your eyes And oh, I just fall in love again Just one touch and then it happens every time

(And when it feels like all is lost) (And when it feels like all is lost) This is just a preview! Falling in Love Again Lyrics: Falling in love again / Never wanted to / What am I to do? Can you lay next to me hold me And don't make a sound Can we fall in love again? Ey (Every time I think of all) The source: Essa tradução não foi feita ao pé da letra para que fizesse mais sentido em alguns pontos. Hey

An annotation cannot contain another annotation. Traduction de Love Alarm (OST) (좋아하면 울리는), paroles de « Can't I Fall in Love again », anglais → portugais Every time I think of all the ways that you've made I

Every time I think of all the ways that you've made (And let me know if you feel like this) Jojo (played by Kim So-hyun ) discovers that Hwang Sun-oh ( Song Kang ) likes her, but his best friend Lee Hye-yeong ( Jung Ga-ram ) is also attracted to her.

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