They may also pee, so you may want to protect any carpets or wood floors that could be stained.

Don't – Assume that because yesterday went well, today will too. We don’t like being forced to like someone, and neither do rabbits. However, as you increase the number of rabbits, and importantly the number of personalities, the exercise does get a little more complicated. If you see signs of annoyance, but think the rabbits will move away from each other (even just a few steps in the opposite direction), then let that happen before you end the date. We give you all the tools you need to follow a typical rabbit bonding programme. Understanding Bonding from the Rabbit’s Perspective is Your Key To Success! Do – Make the effort to think like a bunny. Separate the rabbits immediately to prevent them from hurting each other. This is OK as long as the rabbit on the bottom (submissive) is accepting it. Sometimes one rabbit mounts the other. Make the space small enough so you can control the interactions, and make sure there are no small spaces where a bunny could get trapped.

They are both fixed and i have a female (hermaphrodite but she has a dewlap and acts like a female) and a male.

If you see one rabbit duck his or head in a grooming request but the other rabbit does not respond, go ahead and stroke those foreheads yourself. There are no hard and fast rules about how long to stay with a date, or how many times a day dates should occur.

Next up! Boarding is filling up faster and faster these days. It can be a stressful experience left in the wrong hands and injuries can occur. When two bunnies first meet, several outcomes may occur. A volunteer will work with you and your rabbit to find a suitable partner using “speed dating” – short periods of supervised introduction. While your bunnies are with us, we can take care of basic ‘bunny maintenance’ like nails, glands, and ear cleaning. They may approach each other and sniff but will not groom each other. ©2012 Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society Work with the rabbits daily for at least 15 minutes. There is a suggested donation of £70 per session for this service (or £100 for groups of 3+ rabbits). Your emotions will transfer to the bunnies and can undo weeks of work. This allows your rabbit to choose his/her most favoured friend.

Please see our boarding rates here. It is ultimately up to them, but you can increase the chances that things will go smoothly.

Rabbits that are not fully bonded need to be kept separate when you are not with them. Just like humans, rabbits need to choose their own friends. Rabbits are extremely territorial, so you should always introduce rabbits, regardless of sex or age, in a neutral space first.

If you have tried bonding yourself, and are struggling to get things to work, we can offer to conduct the bond for you.

To help maintain rabbit body temperatures at all times we have installed thermostatically controlled heaters into all environments for use when we have indoor rabbit guests, as well as using extra straw and bedding materials all within veterinary grade insulated cages. They will get used to seeing each other and to each other's scent if they are close to one another. If you have additional questions about bunny bonding, please call 651-768-9755 or email [email protected] Your bunny will have his, her, or their own clean and tidy space to lounge around while you are off having fun somewhere else (well, as much fun as you can have without your bunnies!). Lauren Lancaster, who is also wonderful and does in-home visits: Please call for pricing for bunnies who are ill or have special needs. There is a suggested donation of £30 per session for this service. We call this the “Pee and Poop Bonding Wars.” Once your rabbits are happily bonded and sharing space this will go away. Powered by WordPress. We also have CCTV security cameras focused on the rabbit environments 24/7 which are monitored and checked by our volunteer team at regular intervals throughout the day. They are working through relationship issues similar to those humans do during a dating process. For those who have not adopted from us who wish to use this service we would suggest a donation of £20 per session. Is one rabbit jealous you are interacting with the new bunny/resident bunny?

When bonding goes wrong it is usually down to one of two factors: Some rescues offer “bunny speed dating”. They're ready to meet face to can you help?

SaveABunny specializes in matchmaking -- if you live near Mill Valley (Bay... Posted by SaveABunny on Monday, February 8, 2016, SaveABunny • P.O. Females shouldn't be bonded with another rabbit immediately post-neutering to reduce the risk of injury. We will help you do whatever we can to make the bond a success. We are happy to offer advice on things to consider – just get in touch. Perhaps you have tried one or two sessions yourself without any success, or maybe you are just nervous about the whole situation and want someone with experience to show you the ropes from the outset. If you are looking to adopt a friend for your bunny companion, SaveABunny is here to help! There is a suggested donation of £50 per session for this service. During the bonding process, most likely one or both of the rabbits will begin to request grooming from each other. These face-to-face follow-up sessions allow us to tailor the advice to any non-typical behaviours your rabbits may be demonstrating. This service is included as part of any adoption involving bonding to your existing rabbits. Rabbits who are bored or antsy from lack of exercise will be harder to bond. Make sure you are feeling calm, relaxed, and positive.

Try some “Bunny Magic”! Rabbits are extremely territorial, and may exhibit behaviors such as chinning, and urinating, chasing, batting, biting, or mounting.

", or "Are they really happy?".

These may include a change in environment, health problems with one or more of the group, or other stress conditions. Bunnies have very different personalities. Males can stay fertile for up to six weeks after neutering and may still exhibit hormonal behavior during this time.

SaveABunny can provide this space and bonding expertise. There is a suggested donation of £20 per session for this service. If the bunnies show any signs of aggression, try: The noise and movement will be slightly frightening to the bunnies and they may snuggle up and draw comfort from each other, creating positive memories of one another. The session will give you the confidence to carry out the exercises when you return home and progress to a happy bond. Rabbit Bonding Service Rabbits love to live in pairs or groups, they live longer and happier lives together. By Wolf on September 28, 2016 Rabbits can be bonded at any time in their lives and can be re-bonded with another rabbit if their original partner has passed away.

But i knew only how to care for bunnies! But there's always that small niggle: "Am I doing this right?

Unfortunately, we can't always get our rabbits to bond no matter how hard we try, and we do need to accept that some personalities are just simply not compatible. When there has been a negative experience within the bond, bringing them back together for the first time can be extra challenging. You might get lucky, and have rabbits that bond within minutes. #Bunny bonding #luxuary boarding garden house rabbits #health checks #grooming #cambridgeshire #east anglia #rabbit rescue #owner advice and support #happy bunnies #expert holistic #Weight and diet help #poo and bunny butt service #bunny behaviour #moltandbolt boxes #rabbit residence rescue

Rabbit owners are asked to understand the circumstances of our bonding services and the restrictions of our volunteer availability. Contact us. Bonding happens best in “neutral territory” – a space that neither rabbit has claimed as it’s own. If you would like help on anything, please feel free to contact us! Having a son i was to learn i could no longer run a rescue. The owner intervening at the wrong time or in the wrong way. Please spread the love and share this with your friends!Every little bit helps. If the rabbits have a bad experience, or if one of the rabbits is elderly or has health considerations, you may need to take it slower, or take some time off. View our bonding rabbits visual guide. Just give them turns in the larger area – one out to play, the other still in a pen.

Less common, but possible, is love at first sight. Following these instructions is crucial to the success of the bond. Your rabbits would be boarded at our facilities in Kirkintilloch for approximately 7 days (occasionally extended to up to 14 days for difficult bonds). In our experience though, it is often as much about a safe bonding process as anything else! You can buy from Small Pet Select anywhere in the world!

For caring, compassionate advice and resources to address all your animal concerns. Rabbits are very social animals.

The exercises often need to be adjusted to suit, as the trigger points and tell-tale signs of bonding frustrations and successes will be different. Everything going well? Once the rabbits have bonded, DO NOT separate them.

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