At zero degrees of camber, the tire is exactly straight up and down. The clearance between the valve-guide and retainer should be a minimum of 0.2 inch with the valve open. We used Canton's 0.75-inch OD tubing pickup (PN 11-911). Step 3. Mount the ignition module to a finned aluminum heat sink, and run the orange and brown distributor leads through metallic shielding to prevent radio static interference. Take all the information, as well as what you gather using your eyes, into your setup. There are a ton of used seats out there. Each mark equals two crankshaft degrees.


If you need more adjustment, you probably need another cam profile. It holds oil, which prevents lobe wear and scuffing. Install an engine tuner to add more fuel to compensate for the added air that is entering the motor.

Drill the distributor gear and distributor shaft so that the pin will fit with a little interference.

Good steel has a ring. Start with a 3/16x2-inch-long Grade 8 Allen bolt. High pressures make a tire harder, less susceptible to sidewall folding/damage, and keeps the contact patch flatter. Forgot to add that the car will be used for 4 cylinder stock car raceing around a oval asphalt or dirt track, also needs to be faily cheap Honda crx-si not an hf only an si the hf has a 1.5 and economy trans the si has 1.6 Both coil leads have juice with the ignition switch on. To mount the GM HEI module, remove the vacuum advance.

Purchase your seat by rounding up to the next ½ inch increment. The ideal oil temperature for a 2.3 engine is 180 to 200 degrees.

The stock 2300 engine uses hydraulic valve lash adjusters.

The first axis, ‘caster’ is usually unable to be altered without significant alteration to the stock mounting locations. The cam is driven by a cogged belt from the crankshaft.

Loosen the three bolts and the center bolt on the face of the cam pulley.   You cannot paste images directly.

However, you only get what they send you. Having your track’s rules printed out and available for review is still a very good idea.

Silicone sealers should not be used around carburetors and fuel systems. Replacement cam bearings for the 2300 do not provide oil to the cam bearing journals for which the stock system was designed.

Denser air ultimately means more air in the engine and more power. Races are indeed won in the shop. From the premier divisions to the support classes, having a well-handling race car is supremely important to getting to victory lane. Have a working fire extinguisher available and nearby. This requires that it have fresh oil, clean filters and at a somewhat regular interval, spark plugs, and timing belts changed out. Install aftermarket camshafts in the motor. The cam belt will not run properly if these sleeves are not used. In this racer’s personal opinion, if the rules require the seat and belts to be attached with anything less than a Grade 8 bolt, ignore the rule’s minimum while using the appropriate sized Grade 8 bolt. Tighten the three bolts and the center bolt on the cam pulley. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

However, it is still possible to obtain decent results with a four cylinder motor with many techniques utilized in the motorsports industry. For setup, there are many rules that limit or prohibit certain modifications and adjustments. The belt drives the auxiliary shaft, which turns the oil pump, fuel pump, and distributor.

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