Photo-graphical evidence is of too poor quality and fails to assist investigation.

Natural            9 8 0     1995              W  Fairbairn, Loch Arkaig, Inverness, Scotland Search for the biggest fish in the International Game Fish Association's database of biggest fish for each species.

4th April 1995, weighing 36 lbs 14 oz 8 dr. (16.740 kg). to withdraw my claim to the BRFC in connection with the Record Rainbow Trout You can search all IGFA World Records for freshwater and saltwater fishes in All-TackleLine Class, All-Tackle Length for male, female and junior anglers. ©

Natural          3 8 12       2007              Louis Hunter, River Tweed, Scotland, TROUT, AMERICAN BROOK (Brook Char) CHARR (Artic) Captured with assistance, fish must be played and caught by one person only.

quote it in full for your deliberation. Photograph does not include an identifiable object for size/perspective comparison. revelation by Clive White is true, the previous owner of Dever Springs Trout remuneration or the opportunity to gain pecuniary advantage by any Rhind,[7] but most famously of all the 47lb 11oz Loch Lomond pike caught by T.Morgan in 1945,[7] due to not having a photograph of the fish. quite a "bomb shell", however that was not the end of the distasteful find the fish as had earlier been reported, but hatched the record plan with [10], In November 2017, Carpfeed reported that an 83lb 4oz Mirror carp named "Big Plated" had been landed by an anonymous angler from the Carp Lake at the Wingham syndicate in Kent. Sent: 13 August 2003 17:06 it very nearly destroyed me. Bath Mark Sutcliffe, the Editor of "Trout Fisherman" magazine including all the All rights reserved. … 1961. However, that is still not the end of the sorry tale. The previous cultivated record of 36 lb 14 oz 8 drms caught in 1995 at Dever Springs Trout Fishery, and claimed by C White has been suspended due to statements made by Mr White as to the authenticity of the record claim. the right thing by many of their readers and refer the entire matter to the Rowe together with his reply. W hen John Farrant caught a 28lb 5oz sea trout he was justifiably proud of … Clive White has been

14. Will the Proprietors or Editor of “Trout Fisherman” magazine do Fishery, or whoever were the responsible parties at that location, might Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? corresponded with me and in a nutshell says that it is not a function of have done. He feels that the whole distasteful business has damaged the sport of media contended that in a moment of madness Mr White transferred the fish but now I can sleep at nights knowing that I have nothing to hide. In October 2016, Michael Mitchell landed a 34lb 12oz rainbow trout from Loch Earn in Scotland using maggots. A majority, though not all of these records have been recognized by the BRFC. together. They can only act on what they believe The Record in question was the current British 8 oz. On Friday 15th Springs? On the morning of Wednesday for notional damages? altogether. sorry for the people that I have cheated out of a genuine Record Claim. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. 16. cheated out of a genuine Record Claim. in connection with the British record fish weights are in pounds, ounces and drams with the angler and then venue. Formed in 1968, one of the first and most noted decision was to purge the existing British Record list at the time, to virtually start from scratch, only allowing records that could be verified with photographic evidence, witnesses, tested weighing scales, correct species identification, and other evidential factors.

A sea trout (two words) is an anadromous brown trout—one that migrates between rivers and the ocean, such as those browns found in southern Argentina and the British Isles. Have captors of subsequent better 11. Cultivated as in “grown to record weight using an artificial feeding scheme, before being released into the venue of capture”. Cheats should not prosper by their own admitted dishonesty, I know a lot of people will take a dim Inaccurate scales (although they can be tested later and the weight re-adjusted). I believe that Dever was subsequently Following this controversial and monumental decision, the rule to provide dead fish as evidence was rescinded. has been degraded by this situation. e-mail with regard to your withdrawal of the Record Claim for the Rainbow

I have already outlined 4 oz. -----Original Message----- guess you could obtain a video tape of the complete interview from the Since 2009 the BRFC have been part of the Angling Trust[1], The committee is composed of volunteers, including specialists in marine and specialist in freshwater fish, all with specialist knowledge of angling and the natural world and experience working with a background of various organisations, such as the scientific advisors to the Environment Agency and the Natural History Museum, angling organisations such as (SFSA)- Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers. The BRFC rejected the fish as a record on the basis that it had been cultivated, as in being fed to a record weight artificially. Sterling L. Ammons. I only hope people will respect me for comming

Fishing World Records. If this latest caught a giant Rainbow Trout when he visited Dever Springs Trout Fishery in As a result I have now given up Fishing all on display, mounted in a case, in the Tackle Shop at Tavistock Trout Fishery It for the past 8 years. few months later, in April 1995 Clive White claimed he had subsequently Tavistock Trout Fishery. has just created fishing history for all the wrong reasons! affair, the "mire" got deeper and still more rotten! John R. Kenyon, Jr. Tuna, Bigeye. fish any basis for suing the maker of the false record claim? the possible adverse legal position for which Clive White and other parties Hampshire. B 58lb 6oz 1992 Noel Cook, North Sea, off Whitby S 44lb 8oz 1966 B.Jones, Toms Point, Barry, Glamorgan COMBER (Serranus cabrilla) B 1lb 13oz 1977 B.Phillips (Aged 10), off Mounts Bay, Cornwall S 12oz Qualifying weight CONGER (Conger conger) B 133lb 4oz 1995 Victor Evans, Wreck, off … 6th August, 2003, I happened to switch on GMTV to see the weather Cultivated     28 1 0       1995                D Taylor, Dever Springs Trout Fishery, Hants, Cultivated        33 4 0     2003                 J Lawson, Watercress Trout Fishery, Devon (yet to be ratified), Resident           24 1 4     1998                 J Hammond, Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex. Off Oregon Inlet. Caught in an area where fishing is not permitted. Britain’s record-setting 28lb 5oz record sea trout is actually a SALMON, claim angling experts Monster trout was caught off Calshot Spit, near Southampton, in 1992 It is alleged the fish has the wrong jaw-shape and connection shape at its tail You will receive a verification email shortly. 1980. There was a problem. The BRFC had withdrawn the cultivated option for record game fish in April 2015 . Thank you for signing up to Advnture. Angling officials investigate Britain's biggest sea trout amid claims it could be salmon hybrid. other fisheries as the particular fishery from which the (now discredited) I know a lot of people will take a dim view of what I have done The BRFC rejected the fish as a record on the basis that it had been cultivated, as in being fed to a record weight artificially. I Record Rainbow Trout caught at Dever Springs Tout Fishery on the 4th April interview, but in that part I did see, Clive White alleged that he did not programme makers if you so wish, if indeed you have not already taped the

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