If it weren’t for the low foot pegs on the Razkull, its handling score would have been even better. Kevin’s notes say the Kawasaki Z125 has “Less seat-to-peg room than the others, but the most cornering clearance.” Here, Tom is graphically illustrating the seat-to-peg closeness.

Except the price. Hands down, the Vader 2 gets our award for the best looking clone straight out of the box. Necklet also makes it easy to take your layered jewelry on and off. The K-Pipe 125 is simply lacking in too many areas: power, brakes and transmission the biggest among them. Since we had a lot of time to burn at full throttle before reaching the lunch spot, roughly 20 miles away, it gave us plenty of opportunities to think about the machines underneath us. Narofive. I'm trying to get ahold of the guys that have them and check one out today. Electric Spec's: 60 mph, 50-80 miles per charge, 2000 watt brushless variable speed motor, 72 volts Batteries are good for up to 400 charges- thats equal to 30,000+ miles. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. At $2000, the price point is attractive, but it’s the inferior buy for riders looking for performance. Well, I was able to check this bike out today first hand. In a bit of a bombshell, we’re picking the Razkull 125. 2017 BOOM Vader 125 899.00red, black, white, blue metallic colors available !never riddenbrand new in the factory crate with all factory paperwork ! The Grom’s neon coloring may be off-putting for some, and if you don’t like it, you’re probably not the target audience anyway. 2020 Ducati Superleggera V4 Review – First Ride, The Clash of Two Super Middleweights: KTM 890 Duke R vs. It also available in white, red or black. The clutch lever, which isn’t needed at a stop, is equally puzzling, with Kevin adding, “I’m confused why there is a clutch lever.

Their warehouse is down the street from me and the one they sell will ride along side my real Grom all day as far as speed goes. I used to have a klx250sm and it was okay, underpowered for a big bike though.

Necklet was created to keep layered necklaces just that - layered, not all tangled. Can you guess which one of these gauge clusters belongs to the Grom and which belongs to the Razkull? For the price, it simply can’t be beat. I have a hunch though that 45 MPH top with 40-50 miles of range would be closer. Tom “Big Guns” Roderick, for example, felt like a boat anchor on any bike he rode uphill, except the Honda, while downhill he felt invincible on the Kymco – the same bike he bemoaned on the way up. Honda Grom replica gold forks 125cc baodiao motorcycle 125cc Venom x20 street legal can be registered plated 4 speed honda grom replica vader-125 moped 110cc 150cc z125 125cc Motorcycle Ninja Motorcycle 125cc x-pro Motorcycle x-pro 125cc bd-125 boom bike Honda Clone Motorcycle Grom clone Honda 125cc Honda Clone Kawasaki z125 Clone SSR Raskull bd125-15 bd125-8 bd125-11 … Check out my Pitster mini monster zb50 thread: where the key is that's not the ignition, that's to take the seat off. Other than that, the Razkull brakes into the corner as well as the Honda or Kawi, turns in with equal confidence, and feels just as stable as the other two on its side. It’s just not as focused on performance as the others in this test. The premise for our race was simple: we’d race to the top of one of our favorite canyon roads, which conveniently has a cafe at its summit. 10-03-2020 04:54 PM by hounderd.

It’s streetfighter-inspired redesign looks slick, and charging up the mountain, the other bikes had difficulty keeping up with the Grom. It’s pegs, placed relatively high and rearward, are clearly the raciest here, and if we were burning laps around the tight confines of a kart track, where peak power isn’t as important, instead of ripping up a wide and expansive mountain, it might even give the Honda a run for its money.

Where the Honda would leave the others for dust going up, the quartet were surprisingly close coming down. Have a lead on a 09' klx250 at a decent price I may check out as well.

Time and budgetary constraints dashed our wide-eyed dreams of taking all four to a go-kart track for a closed-circuit race, but with a combined 32 horsepower, this was one of the few times we could hold a race on four street-legal motorcycles without fear of breaking the speed limit!

California Approved. Is the Grom’s $3,200 price tag worth it?

Plus it simply looks attractive with its red trellis frame, seat cowl, high-mount muffler, and overall aesthetic ripped from Bologna, Italy. Its minimalistic styling appealed to some, but calling it attractive is pushing it. Seems pointless considering it’s not needed to get the bike rolling.” The going gets worse for the Kymco, as, apart from that weird transmission, there’s a “digital joke” of an instrument cluster, Tom says, with numbers that flash and morph into letters on occasion. I have a 30-pound weight disadvantage against the other editors, and it showed every time I was riding uphill or even on a flat surface. Whereas the Honda’s new clothes give it a more manga appeal, the mini Z is like the Mothra to the Honda’s Godzilla. Ranking the other three is a bit more challenging, as the MO scorecard has them very evenly matched. And there’s the rub.

We also weren’t fans of the semi-automatic transmission with an unorthodox shift pattern (neutral at the bottom, four up) that requires long throws. It’s similar in size to the Grom and comes standard with a very slick style and a great looking lower engine cowl. The Grom has a healthy power advantage over the others, while the Kawasaki’s power really picks up after the others begin to trail off.

The Kymco’s larger-diameter wheels account for some weight increase, but 12 pounds more than the next heaviest bike? Also impressive is the SSR, which makes more power than the Kawasaki until roughly 6500 rpm. hounderd.

125cc Vader Motorcycle Moped Scooter w/ Manual Trans. What does Kevin think of it?

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