I am too a statistical junkie. A while ago I decided to take matters into my own hands for ZHPs specifically and let owners answer the questions you have. The BMW E46 3 Series Coupe 330Ci weighs 1405 Kg / 3097 lbs. The new 3-series is introduced as sedan 4-door, 2-door and as a caravan. All truth passes through three stages.

E46 Touring is launched into worldwide markets, designated "iT" (excluding the US). The rear pipes pass over the fuel tank, making this a lengthy job.

2002 BMW 330Ci Clubsport. The front bumper has a distinct hole that is used to draw cool air into the newly designed air intake. However, the engine is further modified in order to reduce weight - it features a lightweight exhaust manifold and thinner exhaust piping. BMW announced the M3 GTS in November 2009 and began production in 2010. SMG II then remained an option until the end of E46 M3 production. Intake, Magnaflow Exhaust, Dinan STEP S/W & TB, TMS Pulleys, H&R Touring Cup Kit, DICE Ipod, Parrot/Connects2 Bluetooth, StealthOne Valentine Module, Hardwired V1, BMW Perf. The resistor, located in the footwell area, is replaceable although somewhat difficult to access. The number of BMW brand cars sold increased by 5.2% to 1,185,088 units (2005: 1,126,768) units. Changes over the regular M3 include an upgraded engine, reduced kerb weight, revised suspension, upgraded brakes and adjustable aerodynamics. Then I found this 5 pages deep in google. On Touring models, rear coil springs frequently break and the wiring to the rear tailgate components often suffers from breakage where it flexes between the body and tailgate. I found a handful of threads that only had very little info on M models. A new interior trim will be made available on all 3 Series. In Summer 1998 the new 3-series was launched. All 330Ci Convertibles must be ordered with ZPP - premium package. New Sport Package wheel for 325i Sedan and Sports Wagon. In addition, the M3 CSL coupe was produced only to ECE (European) specification in both left-hand drive and right-hand drive configurations. The agile 2.0 liter 4-cylinder, 2-door Sedan was slightly larger than the retired BMW 02 Coupe.

This is achieved through a high flow carbon fiber air intake, modified valve and camshaft timing, and a retuned DME. JavaScript is disabled. style transmission. I'm proud to be part of that 2002 sales group.

BMW M introduced the Sequential Manual Gearbox II (SMG II) as an option for the left-hand drive European-spec E46 M3s in March of 2001, with right-hand drive models following in June and North American-market production commencing in September. The more powerful six-cylinder cars (330d and 330i) can suffer from rear subframe cracking caused by torque reaction at the differential mounts. The CSL was sold with distinct 19-inch lightweight forged BBS alloy rims that came with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup. The number of BMW brand cars sold increased by 5.2% to 1,185,088 units (2005: 1,126,768) units. Overall, the sales volume of this model series climbed by 17.1% to 508,479 units (2005: 434,342 units). A compact will follow. Although some markets went without this feature, South African examples were fitted with air conditioning. The climate control head unit has a new control button layout (temp, fan and recirculate control buttons) for simpler operation and ease of use. The volume planned p.a. Great info, great find! The M Clubsport also came with two "BMW Individual" color options that were carried throughout the car, Estoril Blue, Velvet Blue and Carbon Black. As with all oil-cooled turbochargers, it is important not to turn off the engine for a few minutes if the car has just been driven hard (with significant turbo boost). BMW produced a total of 3,011 E46 M3 coupes with the optional Competition Package (ZCP). Nick D April 5, 2016. These features were previously only available with the Premium Package (ZPP). Each was converted from a standard E46 M3 production model (and thus were included within the standard E46 M3 VIN sequence) and priced at 250,000 Euros.

Second, it is violently opposed. The first BMW 3 Series E21 North America version began production in 1976. 330i/330xi get a new base wheels. I searched for hours. 2004 European Touring Car Championship season, 2005 World Touring Car Championship season, 2006 Asian Touring Car Championship season, A range of different drivers have won the, from 1995 to 1997. Front lower suspension control arm bushes and/or balljoints wear out as early as 30,000 miles, causing knocking and sloppy handling. m (1 lb. and rear (by 1.8-in. The boot lid is redesigned to incorporate a raised lip, unlike the standard M3 where one is simply added on to a flat boot. With all of the E46's out there, and all of the parts that go break on us, and the markup BMW puts on those parts, they would by silly to stop producing them. The 3 Series came to the U.S. as the 1977 model. Strut Brace, Orion V2 Angel Eyes, No-holes License Plate, SMG Paddle Shift Mod, Besian VANOS, Gold DISA, Fan delete, http://www.autointell.com/european_companies/BMW/bmw-3-98/bmw31.htm, http://directory.e46fanatics.com/user.php?action=viewUserCarMod&UcId=20832, http://directory.e46fanatics.com/user.php?action=viewUserCarMod&UcId=7917, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada.

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