Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayChoice-10. Baseball Stars was the first baseball game to have battery backup on any console,[1] and the first NES sports game to have battery backup. My take on Baseball Stars for comes from this game that I played on a few occasions as a kid. Throughout the course of your season, you could track who the league leaders were in particular stats. SNK Most people only know of the first Baseball Stars, but in fact there are two for the NES and one for Neo Geo Pocket Color (and maybe one for the black and white version as well). Previous It is possible to create a strong all-female team by entering both of the above cheat codes, one after the other (in any order), and then answering both questions as above.

You can set up a custom league which will keep complete stats on all players in the league. From there, games are played and games that are won earn money for the team.

on the second line (include the period, and make sure no other stray characters are left besides the answer to the question) would again bring up the "Enter Your Team Name" screen, this time with an actual default team name rather than a question. Uniforms and logos as well. These ease-of-fielding features are characterized by examples such as: off-screen fielders automatically drifting towards fly balls, fielders catching balls anywhere near them, the ability to jump and dive, infielders shifting to prevent extra base hits down the line when men are on base, etc. The batting is a swing on a level plane, thus it is simply a question of timing. The first allowed creation of a "super" team with hitters and pitchers almost at their full "max". A team with strong pitching would keep you in the games, but your offense would be weak until you improve your players or sign better players. Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayChoice-10, Neo Geo Pocket As stated above, when money is won, it can be applied to upgrade a player. If at any point in the game one team attains a lead of 100 or more, play is immediately stopped and a winner is declared, even though the inning is not over. 's "Top 5 Best Old School Sports Video Games". At that point, the game ends immediately anyway; but because it's no longer a tie, and because of the final home run, the maximum combined score possible is reached at 3712 runs. Mike Trout **For the best user …

Baseball Stars was a critical success, often referred to as the best baseball game on the NES platform, and as such, has become a franchise series for SNK, spawning five sequels, and its "create player" and "create team" functions have become standard features in sports games. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. This was accomplished by choosing "Make Team" from the main menu; on the next screen pressing down, right, left, down, down, right, up, up, down, up, down, up, and then moving to the new team's desired strength and then pressing the A-button would bring up the question "WHAT IS A WREN?

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