""Will you quit calling me that!?". [21], However, following their alliance, Azula's relationship with her brother gradually began to take a drastic change.

Leaning against the mongoose-lizard for support, the princess grasped the girl's head in approval. She would give anything to be the one who could relax her.

Ty Lee lifted one leg up, high over her head, before bringing the other one up with it.

Smut, fluff, romance, and simple togetherness. This time there will be no mistakes," she stated confidently. Perhaps he turned them away. Azula, being inexperienced with romance, went back to her comfort zone of manipulation and domination of others and stated, "Together, you and I will be the strongest couple in the entire world! However, Azula, not wanting to be bothered by this child, scared her by saying that she used to give her dolls "headcuts" instead of haircuts, asking if Kiyi would like to see a demonstration. If I know what love is, it is because of you. From behind, Ty Lee could feel her lover clasp her hair, pulling it back slightly, tugging at the soft brown. [12], After Azula ran away and vanished into Forgetful Valley, Aang voiced his optimism that Azula could change, citing her leaving behind the letter incriminating Zuko as illegitimate as proof.

She, along with the others, abandoned their search for Ozai after the eclipse ended and Azula escaped. Prior to this, Ozai told Azula that she was not to participate in the Earth Kingdom attack that she had suggested to him earlier,[6] and she immediately felt belittled and dishonored and was evidently hurt by what she felt was neglect from her father. [18], Despite Iroh's tendencies to avoid unnecessary conflict, he did teach Zuko more difficult bending techniques in order to help him defeat her.

It's just your heat. Ty Lee gasped while the girl ever so slightly thrusted in and out. Tyzula is a very popular Avatar ship and is the most popular femslash ship in the fandom, as well as the most popular Azula ship and possibly Ty Lee ship as well. Character Ty Lee knew she would burn the world to ashes if Mai or any of the procession's members saw her in this state.

She even chi-blocked Azula even though she was still in a straightjacket at the time. This shaped Azula's fears that she could not count on love or affection from anyone, no matter how close they seemed. But Avatar Aang is dead, Azula saw to that personally, and the credit is his.

[12], When Azula learned that Ursa had given up her old face, she attacked her in a fit of rage. "I couldn't let these talents go to waste," said the naked Ty Lee. Ty Lee's head fell back with a moan, her eyes closing. With Mai's knife-throwing skills, Ty Lee's chi blocking skills and Azula's prodigious firebending, all the warriors were quickly defeated until Suki remained the last one standing. "I want to be ready to capture the bison first thing in the morning. Looking up, she glared at Azula, her eyes darkening with pleasure. Mai and Azula were friends from a young age, much like Azula and Ty Lee. When the two are paired up for a class project they have to start spending more time together. "Do I?" "You make my aura sparkle. As she felt the waves begin to soften, her body relaxed slightly, still high on pleasure as Azula continued. It was no surprise, given her rivalry with her brother and her distant relationship with her mother and uncle, that Azula gravitated toward the one person in her family who encouraged her as a child. Her heat seemed to slap the alpha in the face as she attempted to suck an orgasm out of her.

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