The starvation in the Volga valley was finally over. My family will never forget. I was little then but I still remember the taste of that American canned condensed milk. e^j��~*Bńg���/���%J�p'��v�iE.̙Ɋ��NOv,���)�e�*������KV��� l��@�HD�(� ����DL� �Pm!]��9! The Big Show in Bololand Vladimir Lenin kept a watchful eye on the ARA. The corn had traveled by ship almost 5,500 miles in 16 days. was at the top of the 1st list of Endangered Species? Yulia Ochetova Especially baffling to the Americans was the sense of passivity and resignation on the part of peasants who came for help. Instead, it may have saved the Soviet regime. Aleksander Koucher, Cast stream

A spring thaw made it almost impossible to get the corn from the railheads to the villages. Corbis They would be among the first Americans to see the earth-shaking revolution that Vladimir Lenin and his Bolsheviks had wrought and the first to feel the tensions that would mark U.S.-Soviet relations for much of the century. He made a similar request to other Western nations, but it was Hoover who responded immediately with a promise of support.

Narrator: Despite the culture clash, romance flourished.
Russian State Archive at Krasnogorsk (RGAKFD) The ARA's relief operation in Russia began to wind down. The embodiment of an America proud of its newfound sense of itself as an altruistic nation. Yet the humanitarian spirit he planted in the American character lived on.

Stopping it was humanitarian. Vladimir Lenin's new communist government was skeptical of American aid and sabotaged the relief effort by planting spies in local American Relief Administration offices. Patricia Yusah, Marketing and Communications Hoover wasn't trying to do that at all.

Trains were hemmed in. (Enter your ZIP code for information on American Experience events and screening in your area.). Harold Blandy, Bell's assistant in Ufa, also came down with typhus. The Beluga Whales of the St. Lawrence River- SA Article. For three weeks, nothing could move. They will examine the impact of this fable, discuss these issues, learn about DDT, and better understand Carson’s impact on the environmental … In addition to the Muslim Bashkirs who were hostile to the Russians and had a reputation for plunder, Bell's district contained Kazakhs, who for centuries had attacked the Bashkirs and hated the Russians.

Niyaz Zakirov                 David Kinne For ARA, it was practical reasons. Stephen Shafroth, Son of Will Shafroth: My dad said he had to turn away. ONE STRANGE ROCK is a 10-par, One Strange Rock: HOME (S1/E10).

Each had an American supervisor and a small staff of Americans.

The Soviets always saw the relief workers as exploiters and spies." They knew nothing about Bashkir and Bashkiria. Leisan Galimova, Drivers The challenge was to get the food almost halfway around the world where up to 100,000 Russians were dying every week.

Half a world away, Americans responded with a massive two-year relief campaign, championed by Herbert Hoover, director of the American Relief Administration known as the ARA. Get up off your knees, start to help out, and let's get moving.".

Narrator: In July 1921, noted Russian author Maxim Gorky issued a plea to the West. Steve Saxon, Additional Sound Recording 2nd through 4th Grades. Private donations began to flow to the ARA. And the trains started to run. To them, a socialist revolution or a socialist regime in Russia was an experiment that should be encouraged. The WPA Film Library, Archival Photos Walter Bell (Marat Lutfrakhmanov): One big reason for the friendly contact that existed between us and the authorities was whenever we had an important question to decide, we had a conference with the ones concerned. And the message was the Soviets are not only not helping, they're being obstructionist, and that until he got better cooperation, all relief supplies from the United States ought to be held up at port.

Read an excerpt from the New York Times, dated December 26, 1919 titled: "WANT $300,000,000 TO AID CENTRAL EUROPE: Lenroot Proposes That Hoover Be Called to Advise Senate Committee.". Bertrand M. Patenaude, Historian: The Soviet notion is, if they can get control of the food, they can funnel it to the people they want to get the food, and they can keep the food away from people they don't want receiving the food. VIDEO - Download this pdf and you receive a link to the hilarious STEVE TRASH SCIENCE - RENEWABLE vs NONRENEWABLE (link is embedded in the pdf) video. When World War I broke out, he was asked to organize the relief of an entire nation. Paul Horn, Pianist Seventy-five thousand more deaths by the end of March. Subtraction Puzzle: Earth Day. He had to go into a children's home and interact with the children, put his hand on the kid's head. Soviet Russia faced the greatest famine in history. Free for you to use in your class just in time for the fall season! Grinberg Asset Holdings, LLC To the ARA, anyone who caught typhus, much less died from it, was an embarrassment. Stephen Shafroth, Son of Will Shafroth: He served with the ARA in Poland right after the war, but he had never witnessed scenes of horror like this. George H. Nash, Hoover Biographer: It has been said, and I think correctly, that Herbert Hoover was responsible for saving more lives than any person who has ever lived. "The diplomatic entanglements involved," Bell would write, "make the Paris Peace Conference seem like a well conducted private school."

Gorky never mentioned Vladimir Lenin or his Bolshevik revolution. Five million Russians died. Hoover asked Congress for $20 million to buy surplus corn for an expanded relief program for children and for adults. It began to unload 700 tons of rations that had been in storage since the European relief. Karina Yarmeeva Subtraction - Earth Day FREE . One was a three-year-old boy. It's a sign. that harm the environment (fossil fuels) instead of natural energy (solar. Dmitriy Shvetsov Frogs and Toads in the Desert- SA Article. The famine would continue another year. Il'giz Gabdullin Narrator: In October 1921, Colonel Walter L. Bell, a National Guardsman from Syracuse, was dispatched into the abyss of the unknown -- Ufa in Bashkiria, 725 miles from Moscow, at the foot of the Ural Mountains.

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