A 15 mile out and back into Big Heart Lake. Why you should go: Hike through a range of ecosystems before reaching the deep blue waters of Lake Ingalls. Along the way, you'll pass Trout Lake, Copper Lake, Little Heart Lake, and then Big Heart. “Spectacle Lake to Snoqualmie Pass is hands down the most technically challenging but rewarding section of trail on this hike,” says user VagusWonder on WTA. We lucked out with great weather the entire day! .embed-container {position: relative; padding-bottom: 80%; height: 0; max-width: 100%;} .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container iframe{position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%;} small{position: absolute; z-index: 40; bottom: 0; margin-bottom: -15px;}. Why you should go: An exhilarating trek up the south side of a mountain to a panoramic view and a lookout tower at 3,800 feet. Wenatchee, WA 98801 Even though our legs were a bit tired from the summit hike the day before, we wanted to hit Colchuck for sunset. We brought some with us but didn’t feel the need for them. Two trail runners were the only other people we met. Unfortunately, during our time in the area, smoke from nearby wildfires blew in overnight and completely shrouded all of the mountains in a … The first leg of our hike took us up 1500 feet, over a moderate four-ish miles to Eightmile Lake where we set up camp for the night. I did not happen to see any meteors from the tent, but I did enjoy looking up at the sparkling night sky throughout the night. & Tm Off, Backcountry Camping in Washington's Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Snoqualmie Falls. Not a problem with AWD. (509) 548-2550, Tonasket Ranger District 4 wheel drive will be necessary, Hiked this morning on 10/24 - parking lot was nearly empty at 8am, likely due to the snow the night before - road is extremely rough getting out there, definitely would not suggest bringing a car, snow accumulation was a few inches, enough to need micro spikes - many around us did not have them hiking and definitely were struggling and easily added an hour likely to their hike time, #3 - PCT: WA Section J - Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass, #5 - Thunder Mountain via Tunnel Creek Trail and PCT, #6 - Trout Lake, Copper Lake, Lake Malachite, #7 - Big Heart Lake via West Fork Foss Lakes Trail, #8 - Spade Lake and Venus Lake via Waptus River Trail, #9 - Trout Lake, Middle and Upper Copper Falls and Malachite Falls, #12 - Chetwoot Lake Trail via West Fork Foss Lakes Trail, #13 - Trout Lake and Copper Lake via West Fork Foss Lakes Trail, #14 - Cathedral Pass and Deception Pass Loop, #16 - Marmot, Tuck, and Robin Lakes via Deception Pass, #17 - Marmot Lake Trail via Tucquala Meadows, #24 - Lake Margaret via Icicle Creek and Wildhorse Trail, Thunder Mountain via Tunnel Creek Trail and PCT, Big Heart Lake via West Fork Foss Lakes Trail, Trout Lake, Middle and Upper Copper Falls and Malachite Falls, Trout Lake, Lake Malachite and Copper Lake, Trout Lake and Copper Lake via West Fork Foss Lakes Trail, PCT: WA Section J - Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass, Spade Lake and Venus Lake via Waptus River Trail, Chetwoot Lake Trail via West Fork Foss Lakes Trail, Marmot, Tuck, and Robin Lakes via Deception Pass, Lake Margaret via Icicle Creek and Wildhorse Trail. From Tuck Lake the route-finding got trickier. You really can’t beat fresh caught mountain trout. The Snoqualmie to Stevens Pass section of the PCT is purely breathtaking.

It’s important to be mindful of your step and stay on the trail to help preserve these sensitive habitats. Just be mindful of your step and the current. Over the years they have become habituated to humans and can be aggressive. Mt. You can learn more about our editorial and affiliate policy, Butcher Jones Recreation Site: Soak Up Saguaro Lake, The Top 5 Pacific Crest Trail Section Hikes in Oregon and Washington, 14 Best Hikes Near Chattanooga, Tennessee, 10 Stunning Hikes in Death Valley National Park, 21 Epic Arizona Waterfalls You Can Hike To, Boulder Canyon Trail: Where the Water Meets the Desert, Nude Hiking: How to (Legally) Celebrate Naked Hiking Day. Sign up for our free email to join thousands of readers getting epic travel, hiking, camping and gear ideas every week. Our second day was planned to be long, and we wanted an early start, so instead of heading back to the tent to sleep for another hour (which I would have loved), we decided to make breakfast and begin packing up. It wasn’t long until we saw the first glimpses of the brilliant Jade Lake through the trees. Starting at the Cle Elum River crossing, you’ll begin your journey through old-growth forest. Cle Elum, WA 98922 Absolutely amazing views.

Cresting the Cascades will cost you 16,000 feet in elevation, so this section is best left for experienced backpackers. Typically hikers choose one destination: Tuck and Robin Lakes or Jade Lake. Road to trailhead was in decent shape with snow after eight mile lake trail head. Reluctantly, we all hoofed it back to the trailhead.

Why you should go: A gentle stroll to a natural waterslide and waterfall that the kids will be crazy about. The final hike of my trip, we wanted something that wasn’t too hard, but also allowed us a chance to backpack. There are sleeping spots built out right under the summit, allowing us to spend a night under the stars. This was a gnarly hike. These maps incorporate an incredible amount of detail, from topo to forest roads to trails. The popular Alpine Lakes Wilderness encompasses approximately 394,000 acres in the Central Cascades Region within Washington state. Rainier, Mt. Hiking Project is built by hikers like you. Micros spikes are helpful! Beware that the mileage on All Trails is light. The bugs sucked and we were in bed by 9:30 (early for the two of us). Seen in: Backpacking, Hike, Pacific Northwest, Washington. The panoramic views were well worth the modest effort. Rock climbers swarm here for the famous Cashmere Crags, and backpackers are drawn by the majestic … We wanted to avoid hiking in the high noon heat if possible and hit the trail nice and early.

Limited-edition internet from Field Mag friends and fam. Hikers enjoy the four-mile (6.5 km) trail around the lake, much of which is wheelchair accessible or opt for a more strenuous hike to Inspiration Point, overlooking the lake and surrounding wilderness. I recommend packing map 176s Alpine Lakes West-Stevens Pass and any map covering the surrounding terrain your hiking may entail. In all, Austin and I visited five National Parks, countless mindblowing vistas, and created more memories than ever before. At mile eight you’ll reach a remote basin, where you’ll find the forested Lower Wildcat Lake. While it may be tempting to stay, the apex of your journey is right around the corner. However, the snowfield would have been much easier and saved us 45 minutes. Why you should go: Visit Snow Lake, Gem Lake, Lower Wildcat Lake, and Upper Wildcat Lake on an epic two-day trek.

(509) 653-1401, Wenatchee River Ranger District Dip Top Gap ended up being the perfect place for both sunset and sunrise as it offered sprawling views in nearly all directions. Carissa is an outdoor freelance writer who loves nature, yearns for a good campfire, and lives for the next adventure. This alpine lake is glacier fed.

Following is a list of our favorite hikes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Granite Mountain - Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA - 10/13/12 The Seattle area had just gone through 61 days with no significant precipitation. As you climb to the top, you’ll be traveling along the south face of Granite Mountain through avalanche tracks and a sensitive alpine ecosystem.

Dates hiked: 8/14/20-8/16/20. The first 6 miles are pretty straight forward but the final two bring you up a tight, dusty trail, and depending on the route you want to take, either hugs a steep ridge or takes you over a snowfield. Austin and I woke up for a phenomenal sunrise before going back to sleep for a few hours. A little snow kn the trail making it slightly slick in spots. Photo by Chase Gunnell. Many of those are seasonal and intermittent, and countless others have been permanently changed or lost by manmade diversions and dams.

We luckily had hiking poles otherwise we probably wouldn't have gone through with the hike! However, we wanted to make the most of our long weekend and opted to link them together for a challenging, but rewarding three day trip. The weather was gorgeous. We didn’t have a need for micro spikes on 10/31, but there were a few slick spots. We may earn a small commission when you make a purchase or booking through our links. Whether you have time for a quick afternoon stroll, all-day hiking adventure, or multi-day backpacking expedition, you’re sure to find a winner with any of these scenic trails.

This hike is beautiful. This heart-pumping trek switchbacks up a steep ascent of nearly 3,800 feet before reaching the summit. Daniel and Pea Soup Lake stood out starkly against the backdrop of a clear bluebird day. I didn’t like the scree one bit but the climbing parts of the ridge weren’t bad. What remains offers plenty of watercourses to explore, and when we’re lucky, waterfalls. Visibility was poor so unfortunately we had minimal views from the peak, but the hike up was gorgeous. https://www.fieldmag.com/articles/backpacking-alpine-lakes-wilderness-enchantments. Plan on taking enough food for a five day journey, give or take. This wilderness area is too incredible to just visit once. We slept without the rain fly on.

As a Washington resident, Green Trails maps have become my bible for navigating the outdoors. At 16 miles roundtrip, it’s not too long of a hike but it has some serious elevation gain: 5,000+ feet. For those looking to extend their journey, pack about nine more miles into the trip by trekking out to Waptus Lake. If you happen to strike out on The Enchantments lottery, don’t worry — you’re still in luck. A left on Luccock Park Road brings you to a large parking area. Description. Share what you know about this area! About a mile from the trailhead you’ll find a spot for water play. For 67 miles you’ll traverse the Alpine Lakes Wilderness while encountering numerous lakes, meadows, jagged peaks, and old-growth forest. The most popular volume in the series, 100 Hikes in Washington's Alpine Lakes has been completely updated and revised. Long hike but so soo wrote it! We had downloaded the route on Gaia, but we made the mistake of following cairns instead of following the map. Luckily, we caught the error early and ended up only adding 20 minutes to our hike. Located in the Central Cascades, the Alpine Lakes Wilderness features over 700 lakes, 615 miles of trail, and a 67 mile stretch of the legendary Pacific Crest Trail.

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