I emailed them after I got my order confirmation because it didn't display a size so I called and emailed them to find out exactly what I bought.

same thing happened to me on the turtle doves. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. What great company 10/10. Pairs are still shipping out, I just got my shipping confirmation. Just giving my 2 cents since my order also says confirmed and waiting to pack... edit: be sure to save all order numbers and all emails since it saved my ass in the end hope everything turns out ok for everyone! You need to call that customer service number and absolutely blast the fuck out of those people until they make it right. Orders leave the warehouse in 1-3 business days, so we all have until Wednesday afternoon before we really need to worry. But this is going to make me constantly check my emails now. In any case, it's pretty normal for it to take a day or two before you get your shipping confirmation, so no need to freak out unless you got the email OP got. If this happens to you call adidas and demand concierge! I personally didn't use any bullshittery to buy, so I'm feeing a little better.. If you didn't get a confirmation by now then I'd assume this is what's happening.

Although they didn't tweet it for this release, I remember it taking much longer than a minute for them to sell out from the "available" tweet to the "sold out" tweet.

Ok, ill take 2 pairs of 350s in any color please. Googling the issue brings up tons of old users having the same problem) a lot of them never could get it to work, I have now emailed reddithelp and gone through reddit mail.

There’s a warning on the site saying orders aren’t final until you get confirmation, so I’m worried they’re gonna honeydick me.

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Ok, just got off the phone with the Adidas rep. Everyone who gets the shoe secretly works for adidas and after they resale adidas gets massive profit. He says that the only orders being cancelled are ones that used bots. Adidas US charged me 3 times but no confirmation email... Did I cop?

No confirmation from Footlocker My card was charged and I got to the ‘thank you for your order’ screen, but still no confirmation email. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. For those that might be worried, I'm also waiting for shipping confirmation, but I actually got an email from adidas today confirming that they WILL be shipped.

Lmao if adidas would just realize they've created the hype and make yeezy's more available, like restock once a month or so even if it's limited, they would make an absurd amount of money and have such a happier customer base. But yea, I'm still a little nervous.. Who wouldn't be. 2. Just to confirm is the concierge number separate from the customer service number?

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