the reunion of the whole family. [4] As a result, the newborn was condemned to be killed in order to prevent the polis downfall, a decision which Myrrine opposed.

... sarai affiancato da Nikolaos e Stentor, con Myrrine e Deimos che non si vedono da nessuna parte. You have to complete subsequent missions of the second chapter and get to the Conquer battle that’s the last stage of the Final Push quest. The game won’t let you talk yet. Affiliations

After Stentor is beaten, his men will turn on him and abandon him, and he'll beg for death. P." Which means STENTOR was working with cult against family for some time, Regardless of how the situation is resolved, Stentor will re-appear in Boeotia, face scarred. He went on to reveal that he was not her biological father and that her mother was still alive, before abandoning his post.

[5], After the incident, Myrrine seperated from Nikolaos and left Sparta, unable to forgive him for the deaths of their children. Then you will have earned your place among us as a Redblood. Assassin's Creed Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Once Stentor reached the proper age, he joined and accompanied Nikolaos throughout his battles, seeking to constantly make his father proud.

prior to 461 BCE[note 1]Sparta, Greece [12] Around 427 BCE, Nikolaos reemerged from exile and decided to secretly help Stentor with his conquer efforts. The guide I was following just mention to convince Nikolaos to see Stentor. During the battle Stentor will mention eradicating the Eagle Bearer's "filthy bloodline". Immediately after killing Aristaios, Nikolaos was found by Kassandra, who was similarly sent to Boeotia to assist Stentor. Real-world information When Alexios was about to be thrown off the cliff by a priest, he was stopped by Kassandra, who unintentionally pushed both him off and seemingly killing both him and Alexios. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey ha 9 finali in totale! Spartan ArmyPeloponnesian League

In said account, Stentor was a disguise worn by the goddess Hera. Stentor For your final task, bring us victory in Boeotia - a task even the Wolf himself could not achieve.

[6] His abilities became a concern for the informant and Cult of Kosmos member Elpenor, who sought to have him eliminated. 1 Biography 1.1 Childhood 1.2 Battle for Megaris 1.3 Conquering Boeotia 2 Behind the scenes 3 Gallery 4 Appearances 5 Notes 6 References In his childhood, Stentor was recognized by Nikolaos for his skills despite his young age., Nikolaos (Νικολαος) means 'victory of the people', from which the. "Stentor, Your work in Megaris has not gone unseen. Following the apparent death of Alexios as a result of Kassandra's actions, she was sentenced to death. The first of these missions is The Conqueror. Only this behavioral variant will bring you closer to unlocking the good ending of the game, i.e.

Landing in the harbor, the Spartans were soon blockaded by the Athenian navy and surrounded by Athenian soldiers. [1] He was also the adoptive father of Stentor. If Nikolaos did not die in the second chapter, you will notice him upon the arrival to the island – it is shown in picture 1. Note – the following description contains large spoilers regarding the events in the main plot and one of the important choices.

At some point, Nikolaos met and married Myrrine, the daughter of King Leonidas I of Sparta.

Do not waver. At some point, Stentor was adopted by Nikolaos as his son. [2] Due to her lineage, Nikolaos would regularly train Kassandra, hoping that she would some day bring glory to the family. Voice actor Kill Stentor? Stentor (born prior to 461 BCE) was a Spartan officer and the adopted son of Nikolaos of Sparta who lived during the 5th century BCE. If spared, Stentor will be exiled and become a mercenary bearing the epithet "The Fallen", hunting Kassandra until slain or recruited. The two then parted ways after a moment of catching up. Only this behavioral variant will bring you closer to unlocking the good ending of the game, i.e. During the second meeting with Nikolaos, it is worth advising him to go to Stentor’s camp (the second dialogue variant from the picture above). Despite this, they clashed with the Athenian forces, and won Boeotia. The first meeting with Nikolaos takes place during the second chapter (episode) of the main plot of the game. With Myrrine, the daughter of King Leonidas, he was the father of Alexios and step-father of Kassandra. Despite this, Nikolaos treated Kassandra as his own while keeping it a secret together with Myrrine. [8], When the Spartans succeeded in conquering Megaris, Nikolaos requested to meet the misthios in person, waiting on the edge of a cliff.

[5], Nikolaos and his family were brought to Mount Taygetos, where they await the sentencing surrounded by the Cult. To this end, Nikolaos took in Stentor as his student and trained him under his wing. Most believed him to have died, while others suspected he had deserted his post or simply disappeared. However, this clue is not enough by itself to reveal the Sage. Active If you want to meet Nikolaos later in the game, you can’t kill him. fl. Choosing between sparing and killing Nikolaos in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is not just a matter of morality; your decision will have major consequences on the late campaign, and even affect the ending you’re going to get. Me, Myrrine, and Deimos You can probably see the pattern forming here as we go through Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s endings. You can talk to him after dealing with the champion Aristaios, whom you were supposed to eliminate yourself earlier. Please update the article to reflect recent releases and then remove this template once done. Elias Toufexis Is it really necessary for him to live because I kinda hate him (I really hate hate him). Stentor doesn’t show up because Nikolaos isn’t there. Bidding farewell, Kassandra left them. You must advance to the seventh chapter of the game and take care of a group of tasks related to offering Spartans support in taking over the region of Boeotia. Affiliations Non prometti a Myrrine di risparmiare Deimos quando ne hai l’opportunità. He was also the adoptive father of Stentor.. Because his step-daughter was descended from Leonidas, Nikolaos had high hopes for her to live up to their grandfather's fame and valor. In his childhood, Stentor was recognized by Nikolaos for his skills despite his young age. Species Before they could exchange a single blow, though, Nikolaos returned and broke them apart. I basically want the good ending without Stentor, is that possible? His victories made him a war hero and gave rise to his title as the Wolf. Another guide mention that I should be kind to Nikolaos and go see Stentor.

I can't find any real explanation. Biographical information [11], In the aftermath of Nikolaos' disappearance, his step son Stentor was appointed polemarch of his army and were dispatched to Boeotia to claim the region from Athens. If recruited in this manner Stentor will be verbally hostile while serving as a Lieutenant aboard the Adrestia. Nikolaos of Sparta [2], In 431 BCE, Stentor joined Nikolaos as he led the invasion of the Athenian-controlled region of Megaris. You are close. Required fields are marked *, Milo Secret Endings Guide Death Secret Ending This event triggers randomly when you've selected to…, Calculester Secret Endings Guide UPRISING Secret Ending The route is randomly triggered anywhere on the…. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Species [10] As Nikolaos was never found, he was declared dead by Sparta. Also, note the new quest called The Last Fight of Aristaios. Sparing Nikolaos allows Stentor and Nikolaos to join the crew of the Adrestia later on.

Myrrine previously had a daughter Kassandra from her past relationship with the philosopher Pythagoras. When questioned by her, Nikolaos insisted he had to do his duty as a Spartan. Despite Myrrine's please for him to spare Kassandra, Nikolaos ignored and held her up by the hand. I have previously chosen to kill Nikolaos and after my second fight with Stentor I now have the option of either killing him or to spare his life. [13], 'Assassin's Creed: Odyssey' Plot Points: The Fate Of Nikolaos, Nikolaos interrupting Kassandra and Stentor, Stentor and Nikolaos after the battle in Boeotia. Select the second behavioral variant for saving him – this is shown in the picture above. Spartan armyPeloponnesian League

Stentor's childhood may allude to him being a trophimos or syntrophos, a non-citizen adopted and raised to the Spartiate class. You meet Stentor during this quest. Kill or Spare Nikolaos Wolf of Sparta is a very important choice in AC Odyssey. Nikolaos of Sparta, also known as the Wolf of Sparta, was a Spartan general who lived during the 5th century BCE.

Despite Kassandra's readiness, Stentor hoped that the four would live up to their legendary status and kill her instead. Stentor's allegiance and awareness of the Cult if Nikolaos is alive are unknown, canon-wise, although scanning Stentor with Ikaros in-game reveals he carries the letter on his person, both before and after the duel is interrupted.

The true blood runs red. [6] The army was later assisted by a mysterious misthios, who sabotaged Athenian supplies[2] and eliminated the Athenian-hired mercenary Hyrkanos the Cunning. After Kleon had taken over Athens, his forces pushed Spartans out of Attika, and thus they had turned their gaze to Boeotia, believing that taking the region would weaken Kleon's position, because Boeotia had agreed to a temporary alliance with Athens. [2] Nikolaos later met a young Stentor, taking him under his wing after being impressed with his skills. Assassin's Creed Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

If Stentor is slain, a clue for the Sage of the Peloponnesian League branch of the Cult of Kosmos is gained, possibly revealing Stentor's awareness of the Cult and that he was being groomed to join that branch's ranks.

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