In fact, with hot Buffalo Bore loads, the performance of the .444 Marlin would be ballistically better than ordinary loads in the .45-70 Guide Gun. Once again, nothing in this article should be taken as a criticism of the .450 Marlin. We can’t see the sense of a scope on a short, relatively light rifle, unless it’s done Scout-style like the Co-Pilot. About half the time, the fired case didn’t clear the rifle. I found the pressures listed for the .45-70 gov’t at 28,000 psi is the max pressure for the trapdoor model rifle as the lever/marlin 1895 model pressure listed at 31,900 and for the Ruger #1 rifle listed at 45,000 psi. We believe the development time used up by Marlin on that rifle could have been spent promoting the grand versatility of the .45-70 Guide Gun, letting folks know that it can handle good stout loads like those from Buffalo Bore, and making the Guide Gun exactly the way it should be, with an aperture rear sight right from the factory, softer recoil pad, and the slickest possible action. RN with great sectional density which loads out to 3700 ft/lbs of ME which I would use for moose or big bears for the .45-70.

If you also shoot a Trapdoor Springfield or any other kind of weak-actioned rifle that takes the .45-70, it makes sense that you should not mix up your ammunition. I've got a Marlin 1895 Guide chambered for .450 Marlin...I've shot it five times, it makes my .300 Win Mag feel like a BB gun. Don’t Buy. The pores were well filled, though the finish material seemed a bit softer than that of the Marlins. Sure, the .450 Marlin a great cartridge, but the .45-70 Government had over a 100 year head start to make an impression with American hunters and shooters.

Some hunters like lever-action rifles for hunting, but they want more power than the .30-30 delivers, and so the medium-bore lever rifle cartridges were born. However, the differences between them are small enough at times that it’s possible to see that much shot to shot variation within the same box of ammo for a particular cartridge. Those loads have stout recoil, but also deliver heavy hitting, bone crushing power at short range. Hornady’s LEVERevolution line of ammunition is specifically designed for optimum performance in lever action rifles with tubular magazines. Our shooting was hampered by the trigger and by the huge ghost-ring rear sight. HP for bigger game such as moose or bigger bears. At the range the Winchester was flawless in function. I've shot one in a NEF Handi rifle and it's a thumper even with the mercury recoil reducer but that's a pretty light rifle. First, the .450 Marlin and the .45-70 Government both fire the same .458″ diameter bullets. The weight of the present version was about as light as we’d like to see a .444 rifle. The finish was about average, we felt, for a modern rifle in this price category. Compared to modern high velocity cartridges like the 7mm Rem Mag or .300 Win Mag, both the .45-70 and .450 have a relatively arching trajectory. There were two large panels of checkering on the straight-hand grip. This comparative cartridge information puts the performance of the new .450 Marlin in context, especially when the shooter considers how a slightly less powerful round, the well-known .444 Marlin, shoots. Typical.450 Marlin ballistics are a 325gr FTX bullet at 2,225 fps (3,572 ft-lbs), a 405gr JFN bullet at 1,975 fps (3,507 ft-lbs), or a 500gr FMJ-FN bullet at 1,625 fps (2,931 ft-lbs). Can’t think of any. We hesitate to recommend this gun because of our rifle’s probably temporary, but very real, feeding problem that needed to be fixed. Probably as a result of their acquisition by Remington (which had plenty of financial and legal problems itself) Marlin ceased production of the Model 1895 in .450 Marlin back in 2009. KWK provided case capacity data for the .450 Marlin and the .45-70 Government. Why, you ask, would a company do this? New passwords required. And why wouldn’t they? Does a belted case make sense for a lever rifle? I don't mind the recoil as much as I mind getting hit hard by the scope. The .444 felt noticeably smoother in its action than the .450. It’s at the lower weight limit for maximum loads in the .444, and even with a muzzle brake we don’t believe a shorter version would be all that good an idea. What do 8 out of 10 carry in the bush? That’s how the two cartridges compare to each other in a nutshell. I used Shooters Calculator to compare trajectories, wind drift, and recoil for the cartridges.
Based on the function of the gun we had, we would have to say Don’t Buy the 444P. Buy it. Marlins allow over receiver scope mounting where the model 94 Winchester does not. Additionally, the .45-70 uses a rimmed case while the .450 Marlin has a belted case. The wood pores of the 444P were no better filled than on the other rifle. The new Marlin .450 cartridge is supposed to be a hot choice for all medium-to-big game hunting. Neither one really excels at longer range, but both the .450 Marlin and the .45-70 deliver the bone crushing power and deep penetration necessary for hunting large, tough animals such as moose and grizzly bear at short to moderate range. But this problem never happened again. Recoil is stiff, the .450 caliber was designed to use hotter. Loaded with a 325 grain FTX bullet, .450 Marlin LEVERevolution ammunition has a flatter trajectory and carries more energy down range than traditional round or flat nosed .450 Marlin ammo. Winchester put decent walnut on this all-steel rifle, and did a great job of finishing and checkering the wood. Today, there is no shortage of them, though the old-timers have mostly died out. However, the much newer .450 Marlin cartridge is not nearly as well known. The round didn’t go off. I just ordered a 450 Marlin, it will be here Friday, so next week I will tell you how it compares to a 30/06 and a 20 gauge shotgun, those are 2 firearms most people are familiar with. Still, we liked the lively feel of the 94AE. I also have a Mauser in 300WinMag and the 450 recoils much less, IMHO, than the 300WM. We wanted to test Marlin’s iteration of the .450 side by side with one of the company’s staple .444s, as well as Winchester’s Big Bore Side-Eject lever gun, originally chambered in the now-defunct .375 Winchester, but which is now cataloged in .444 Marlin (and .356 Winchester). When you can go from your 250 gr.

Perhaps with a longer barrel the ammunition might achieve its claimed 2,100 fps.

It didn’t do this with any of the other loads. Maximum pressure for the .450 Marlin and .45-70 Govt were obtained from SAAMI (p34). The inletting was nowhere near as good as on the Marlins. Windage adjustments, though not needed, were done by drifting. The case is belted, the belt being longer than normal belted magnum brass, though the same diameter. However, some shooters like the extra margin of safety, and it’s there if desired.

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